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Daina Deblette's Soul Art

What Inspired you to do a Soul Art journey?

It was my birthday, and I thought it was a beautiful way to really clear my mind and tune in to my higher self. I’ve been an oil painter for 15 years, mostly painting ocean and beach scenes and places I’ve travelled to. But I recently I discovered this new abstract style expression within me. For so long I could not understand abstract art, like it was an iron door welded shut. Then one magical night this door was gone and inspiration and understanding came flowing forth like it had always been there but I wasn’t ready yet to know it. So thanks to divine timing, this Soul Art journey was calling for me to participate.

How would you describe your creative process?

My intuitive abstract multi media paintings are metaphysical love letters to the universe. They are conversations and expressions from a soul level that manifest organically, one mark at a time. They come from a place of meditation on deep heart-centred love, and metaphysical or psychic exploration. Each painting begins with one mark and each layer is built based on what the first layer expresses. Layers of fragile media like watercolours and pastels are set with a workable fixatif before moving on to the next layer. The base layer always begins with a clear absorbent ground, which helps the canvas absorb the paints in a way similar to watercolour paper. The finished pieces are either sealed with Dorland’s wax medium or with Kamar varnish.

Unlike my scenic ocean-inspired oil paintings, I never have a preconceived image of how they will end. But there is usually a recurring element of 3; three media, and marks of 3. Sometimes they begin with mini sketches because smaller works occur more quickly and organically where focus can’t be broken. Sometimes they begin with an intention, such as what does “love” feel like? Every time I work this way, my mind is clear of thoughts, and uplifting, playful energy is generated. The media I like to work with best are Daniel Smith watercolours, Golden fluid acrylics, and semi hard pastels.

What insight did you receive from your Soul Art?

That I am “on path” and all is well. As a self-employed professional artist of 15 years who represents herself and wears all the “hats”, I have recently been questioning if I’ve chosen the right path, since it seems to be a real struggle lately. Two years ago I divorced and found myself without a Plan B, no more financial security, and quite alone. I focused on the only plan I had, to move across the country to a place that seemed to be incredibly supportive of the arts, and open a teaching studio where I could help guide children and adults to express themselves creatively through art, and release any blocks or negative programming in the process. The journey has been incredible and incredibly challenging! It has forced me to have deep faith in myself and the universe, since the message that always comes to me is to have patience and know that things are going to be ok. This beautiful Soul Art Day journey allowed me to have peace and settle in to this “knowing”. Thank you for bringing our community together is such a memorable way!!!!

What is the most important thing you would like to share about your Soul Art experience?

That if we allow ourselves the intention, we have the ability to go deep within our psyche and connect with our soul and heart, where we will find all the love and answers we seek.

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