Michelle Turbide

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Michelle Turbide's Soul Art

What Inspired you to do a Soul Art journey?

I was inspired to do this journey because I admire all of the fabulous women involved. I loved the idea of creating art at the same time that people all across the globe we creating as well. The power of art is undeniable and to do it with multitudes of people is truly magnificent.

How would you describe your creative process?

I am lead by intuition when it comes to my work. Whether I am doing printmaking, painting, mixed-media, collage or anything else…I create while listening deep within to what the art needs and tune in to myself during the process.

What insight did you receive from your Soul Art?

I received strong messages that I needed to hear. I was at a crossroads of where to go next on my journey and contemplating two different paths. I received messages to really slow down, listen, and spend time with my own inner landscape. To slow down the work, slow down the noise…and to really listen and clarify my mission, my gifts, and my purpose with myself.

What is the most important thing you would like to share about your Soul Art experience?

Art works. Trusting in the process is the most important thing. Trust that it may take you somewhere totally unexpected. Trust and let go of the critical mind and expectations…trust that you have the answers within you already.

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Website: http://www.artandsouljourney.com