Ana Goncalves

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Ana Goncalves's Soul Art

What Inspired you to do a Soul Art journey?

A deep desire to connect to my soul

How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process is intuitive led and heart opening always bringing insight and answers

What insight did you receive from your Soul Art?

I discovered that the path of my true power is my voice as a Messenger. It is here where I am in my true power and able to do all that I desire, fly freely and attract new experiences. I also discovered that I am fully supported when I share my truth and speak and that everything is always provided for me if I just trust in myself

What is the most important thing you would like to share about your Soul Art experience?

The Soul Art experience inspired me to take action and connect with my soul and it allowed me to see what is important right now, so that I can move forward with ease and grace

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