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What Inspired you to do a Soul Art journey?

I’m completely enjoying Laura’s approach to mentoring in “Follow your Heart and Make Money Course” and I so I was naturally intrigued when she announce she was having a Soul Art Journey. It just all aligns with the way I think, believe, and see the world.

How would you describe your creative process?

I would summarize it as, “If the process is joyful, then the art flows. If not, keep adjusting the process until it’s joyful, and it will flow.” Each time I just let go and watch the pen, or stylus reveal the artwork I am reminded of the simplicity of it all and I observe spirit flowing through me.

What insight did you receive from your Soul Art?

That I am the only one in charge of the valve that controls the flowing of my dreams, abundance, and the sharing of it with the world. That my over thinking of the “process of selling” and worry of “how to best to print it etc” slows the flow. “Just create it. Create, Express, Get it out there more for and circulate the energy and all answers will arrive. Honour your gift.” it said.

What is the most important thing you would like to share about your Soul Art experience?

The timing of International Soul Art day was perfect in the whole alignment with the Universe. I was looking forward to the 11th, and on the morning of the 10th I received news that a close friend had passed away. Only 39 years old. Death it seemed was arriving again to catapult me to another level. A quick backstory: My world has shifted forever a few years ago, when my coworker passed away suddenly and she was only 32. Her passing confused my understanding of my whole career and my perspective of life. I couldn’t function at work anymore, and within a handful of weeks, I (with the support of my wife) leapt away from my long running years in the corporate world. I had always done art at work but an internal art called LOUDLY within. With my other friend now, just passing, beyond the tears all I could think of was I need to get my artwork out there, to inspire. Soul Art Day couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time in my life. Soul Art Day was truly going to be sacred.

I cried as I did much of my soul art, tears fuelling me in many ways. Soul Art Day caught me in the confusion of “she’s gone?” and I had conversations in my head about my beliefs of the spirit world and her retuning back to the Universe. Then I got lost in my art as the day progressed, this day was becoming even more profound as this artwork would also represent a shift in me. Another example of honouring the gift she had given me to catapult me to create my art so intensely.

I love how my soul art turned out because it speaks to me visually of where I’m at and what spirit wanted me to see. The process was astounding, invigorating, and healing.

Thank you Laura, for creating International Soul Art day. Thank you for following your calling. Thank you for driving that Canada Post Truck and walking your 10,000 km. Thank you for speaking in the way you do of spirit, and joy. Your mentoring and exercises has reinforced further awareness and belief in my art, life, and business. And your expression of you “as the art” is a gift that has integrated within me and changed my life forever and for that I am ever so grateful. With honour and heartfelt thanks for you… simply teaching us to be truly ourselves.

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