Amethyst Wyldfyre

Amethyst Wyldfyre Enterprises, LLC

Amethyst Wyldfyre is an internationally known Speaker, Spiritual Leader and Transformation Artist. She helps visionary entrepreneurs to feel great speaking, empowered asking for money and prepared to be heard by millions of people around the globe so they serve their purpose and profit handsomely from following their spiritual path. Her client roster includes NY Times Best Selling Authors, Hay House Radio Show Hosts, and many leading visionaries in the personal & professional development industry. An award winning entrepreneur for decades, she’s traveled all over the United States speaking and teaching and has been featured in the major media multiple times. She developed an international following on the internet for her own radio show Blazing Forth The Light and has created a wide variety of digital products to serve and empower. She’s especially passionate about helping women to find their voice, fearlessly speak their truth and feel worthy of wealth!

Amethyst Wyldfyre’s Soul Art

This piece of Soul Art was created two years ago for International Soul Art Day – it’s called “Bowing down to the God/Grid of Technology While Kneeling On the Mother with Broken Hearts” – I made this piece during the middle of a 60 day retreat at my brother’s home on the lake in the center of NH – during the retreat I realized that I had not ‘unplugged’ for 27 days. It was in the process of creating this piece of art that I had the realization that all of my creative energy was being consumed by the computer and that I was seriously out of balance and needing to unplug and re-charge with significant time in nature. I’m excited to be live in studio with Laura this year to create again because I feel like I have even more “Unplugging” to do!

Receive a special gift from Amethyst Wyldfyre

The Empowered Messenger Get Started Gift Pack

A collection of the most powerful tips and teachings about the climb up what I love to call “Messenger Mountain” – the journey that you take when you are “called” to be a Messenger. Artists are Visual Messengers and the same ideas apply to help a Soul Artist on their journey of service to the world through the expression of their soul’s wisdom. I also believe that we can utilize the Soul Art process to connect with the “Heart & Soul” of our businesses and use the process and the insights gained to make changes and create renewal and growth. I use art all the time and specifically the Soul Art process not only to gain personal insights but also to benefit my business and professional growth.