Laüra Hollick

Soul Art studio Inc.

Laüra Hollick is the creator of Soul Art®. She is an award-winning artist, Shaman and Visionary Entrepreneur.

Soul Art was developed in 1999 through Laura’s own healing journey. After leading thousands of people through Soul Art journeys, Laura discovered there were 4 stages people consistently went through to fully crystallize and embody their own unique creative spiritual medicine. These became the 4 Levels in the Soul Art Certification program.

The Soul Art Certification program officially began in 2010. Now, there are certified Soul Art Guides around the world.

Laura continues to develop and deepen her own art and devotes her professional life to circulating love around the planet with creative inspiration.

“I believe the world is calling for artists to step up and claim their power as creators. Art is the bridge to our nü world. ” -Laüra Hollick

Laüra Hollick’s Soul Art

The first conscious Soul Art piece I ever created was this Red Bird collage in 1999. I traced my legs and they transformed into wings. It was as if a veil had been lifted and I was suddenly privy to a whole other reality of magic and beauty. Soul Art changed my life so intensely and so dramatically. Now, over 10 years later I’m still passionate about Soul Art and leading the third annual International Soul Art Day!

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