Amanda Aitken

Girl’s Guide Courses with Amanda Aitken

Amanda (AKA “Space Leopard”) is a psychic medium, creator of the “Girl’s Guide” courses (The Girl’s Guide to Web Design, The Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design, and The Girl’s Guide to Creative Bloom), and passionate ambassador of the Unseen World. She’s also an expert in branding, web design, and soul-centric business, known for helping women to identify the “life’s work” that they are uniquely suited for, and then translating that vision into wildly fulfilling businesses built around irresistible, never-before-seen products and services. She believes we are all infinite beings who are being called to embrace magical lives, and that we each have the ability to access ecstasy through the power of creativity, self-empowerment, inner knowing, and intergalactic fairy dust!

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The Creative Courage Workshop – “Discover Your Gifts” Edition

Are you ready to discover your unique spiritual gifts? This free 7-day online workshop guides you through a magical process of unearthing the many aspects of your beautiful, shimmering soul – and opens your heart and mind to how you might build a beautifully fulfilling life and business around them!