Pixie Campbell


Pixie’s mission is to shine her light on the world’s dark places. She wants to live in a world where women lift themselves back up into creative power, where the innocence and curiosity of children is protected, where mothers are supported, nurturing is valued, vulnerability treasured, and communities sustainable.

She’s doing her part to create this world by circling women and hosting conversations to debunk the shame and shadow culture which prevents women from growing together in a river of abundant flow. She paints her way through challenges, calls on the Earth and creatures for guidance, and leads others to do the same.

“I believe everyone possesses the ability to transform. Making art is a vehicle for transfiguration. I’ve had to release a lot of fear- financial, personal, of calling myself an artist, and of choosing an unconventional life- to travel this path.”

Pixie Campbell’s Soul Art

Divine Compass is a mixed-media acrylic piece I created earlier this year. It’s composed of several creatures who have been important guides and represent my journey into the uncharted territory of separation and divorce. I coaxed the figures from shapes that appeared to me after several stages of layering on watery paint in a trance or journey state. I ask the guides to come forward if they’d like to be seen and then I do my best to honor their role in my current life. My paintings create themselves, and end up serving like a tarot card or a divining mechanism. I just try to tune in and listen to what they are trying to say to me, what sort of message they hold. This is how I like to paint. It’s one of the few things I do where my mind and thoughts aren’t running the show.

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If you’ve ever wondered how to know if a particular animal is your totem, or what the symbolism of an animal represents, this guide will help lead you to your answers.

Medicine Animals & Totems e-Guide is a downloadable guide containing an abundant range of information designed to introduce you to new ways of interacting with the creatures that show up in your dreams and in your environments around you. It’s focus is to help you discover your power animal and take you through a technique called journeywork, a method of meditation used by shamans in which to meet and commune with your guides. It covers a wide range of tools to help you see and think symbolically, and to help you step outside of linear thinking in order to make soul connections with your spiritual allies.