Lori A Andrus

Journey Jewels

Lori A Andrus is a spiritual guide who weaves the transformational practices of ceremony, ritual, shamanic journeying, and sacred creation to the bridge spiritual and physical worlds and connect individuals with their inner voice of wisdom and truth.

Through her own spiritual and healing journey, Lori discovered her pathway for healing and transformation by working with crystals and stones (to create sacred power objects) and bringing sacred practices into her everyday life.

Lori is the creator of JourneyJewels (jewelry for every facet of your sacred journey), and transformational programs and retreats including The Priestess Pathway, JourneyJewels Guided Certification, and the Crystal Immersion Retreat where she empowers women and men to step in and live their sacred path.

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4 Pillars to Activate Your Sacred Path

Deepen your Soul Art journey with this 4 step path of discovery. This journey with guide you to awaken your souls vision for you and your life. It will guide you to discover how your spirit is inviting you to transform your life by exploring your inner worlds (this is a powerful step to dive deep with during your soul art journey). As you strengthen your knowing of self and your souls vision, you will be guided to step in and live your sacred path. Activate your path today.