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Luna Jaffe is a catalyst for financial transformation. She holds a passionate conviction that your relationship with money is critical to having a successful and satisfying life. Her award winning book, Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom, is the first book to bring creative expression and financial planning together in a beautiful and approachable manner.

Luna is a Certified Financial Planner™, visual artist and psychotherapist. Her current project, {Wild} Money Monologues, is a live performance and film exploring the stories we tell ourselves about money. Luna is the CEO of a boutique financial planning and investment firm, Lunaria Financial, in Portland, Oregon. Luna offers securities and advisory services through KMS Financial Services, Inc.

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Luna Jaffe, CFP’s Soul Art

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Zguide to Money: A Sassy Woman’s Field Guide to Financial Terms

If you are tired of having no clue about what people mean when they talk about financial concepts, let’s end that! I created this financial field guide because you see the world in color, and you understand more when metaphor and story are used. Now’s the time to develop your financial smarts, so that money helps you take flight rather than leaving you grounded and in the dark.

This 56 page .pdf file will illuminate you one financial concept at a time with illustrations and colorful language used to describe and define often complicated terms.