About Jesse Webb’s Soul Art

My art is very cosmic in nature, as this is a big part of who I am and my work here in this lifetime. My process is also very intuitive, and I rarely know what I’m going to paint when I start creating. I simply follow my intuition, starting with whatever color I feel drawn to and painting whatever I feel. Painting for me is channeling, and I am frequently amazed by what comes through as I open and go with the flow.

Art is also one of the ways I connect to my Cosmic Family, and this particular Soul Art, titled “Cosmic Gathering”, represents the idea of a coming together – a meeting of Earth-humans, Star Family and Celestial Beings. This piece is very personal to me as in many ways it represents my mission, my work here on planet Earth of bridging Heaven and Earth, and reuniting Earth-humans with our cosmic family & heritage. My art serves as a portal to this reunion, for myself and others, and contains codes and symbols to awaken cosmic Earthlings to who they really are.

Jesse Webb

Jesse Webb is a cosmic artist, web-marketing goddess, and Starseed who is on a mission to reunite Earth-humans with our extraterrestrial family and cosmic heritage, through remembering who we really are and tapping into our own multidimensional, cosmic nature. Jesse is passionate about co-creating a harmonious, peaceful future for Earth where ALL beings are empowered, enlightened and living their joy, and believes that reconnecting with our Star Family is an important part of this transformation.

Jesse uses art to connect to her own Cosmic Family, and channels paintings that are messages and symbols to inspire, empower and awaken others. One of her favorite adventures is to go on a “painting date” with her cosmic kids, and on her website she teaches you how to use art to contact your Star Family too. You can learn more and join the adventure at CosmicFamilyReunion.com.

Jesse Webb’s Soul Art Journey

How did you discover your creative spirit?

I have been very creative since I was a young child, but often felt blocked from expressing myself due to my own self-judgement and criticism, always feeling that it wasn’t perfect, wasn’t good enough, didn’t look like how I wanted it to. It was through the process of learning to really LOVE myself, accept myself, and remembering that I am perfect just as I am, and indeed cannot get it wrong, that I was able to let go of those judgments and embrace my creative spirit. The more I listen to my intuition and trust the flow, the more my creativity blossoms! And the more I love and accept myself, the easier it is to hear my intuition and tap into the flow and ease of my creative spirit.

What is most important to you as an artist?

The most important thing to me as an artist is to follow my intuition and express my Truth! I know that my ONLY “job” in this lifetime is to be and express ME to the fullest, and my art is no exception. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, what’s important is that I show up fully me and express my Truth, on the canvas and off.