About Christina Szegedi’s Soul Art

The biggest SoulArt piece I ever did, and one that is near and dear to my heart is my Soul Art Mural project that I created last year in Hamilton with Laüra Hollick, as part of my my Shaman Level SoulArt Guide Certification. It was my first time painting on a brick wall, and I must say it was quite a challenge to work on this rough surface. But the final piece and the insights I received were profound and keep making sense in new ways, as I grow. The most profound insights I received from my SoulArt was: “Claim your life as a thriving Artist. Just be yourself and share all your gifts with the world, stand in your true power and beauty. ” The goddess that came through in my mural painting, within the shape of my body, has a powerful presence . I know understand that she is representing” the empress”, my Soul’s Archetype. She is leading with her heArt. She is a channel for divine inspiration, creativity, artistry, love and beauty. Her spirit guide is the Dragon who helps her share and spread all these qualities into the world. Her dragon is soft and wise yet powerful and sees the world from above, bringing her divine wisdom of truth.

Christina Szegedi

Christina Szegedi is an Artist, Dancer, Choreographer, Dance & Yoga Teacher and a Holistic Body-Mind & Soul Coach, working with creative people to find freedom, harmony & balance in all aspects of their life. She is helping them to reconnect with their true potential, unique gifts and talents. “Do what you love and love what you do! “ She guides and supports them on how to move through confusion, overwhelm and fear into creative expression, well-being, crystal clarity and empowered action. She is passionate about inspiring and supporting people to create a life that is in 100% alignment with their core essence and soul’s purpose to achieve new levels of success, fulfillment, freedom and impact in the world. Alongside her work and experience as an Artist, Dancer & Teacher, she has gained training and certifications in various modes of Body Work, Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Intuitive Channeling, Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness and is a certified Soul Art Guide.

Christina Szegedi’s Soul Art Journey

How did you discover your creative spirit?

My earliest childhood memories are of me dancing, singing, performing, drawing, painting and spending lots of time in my garden imagining and dreaming. I decided from a very young age that I would go and follow my creative dreams. My creative spirit was always with me, and we never lost each other, but my main challenge throughout the years was and still is, to put my creative spirit into ONE box. It doesn’t like to focus on one thing. When I was 18 years old I decided to become a professional dancer and soon went to live in London to study Dance. After graduating from University, I traveled the world and worked in different performances, productions and shows in different countries throughout the world both as a dancer and choreographer. I founded a dance-theatre company with fellow dance friends , led and taught dance for over a decade and opened my own dance school together with a friend. Besides dance, I have always had a huge passion for visual art — painting, drawing, sketching, mixed media, and fashion, sewing and fabric design… I have created all sorts of art pieces and creative projects, and little side businesses over the years, but I was always trying to put my creative spirit into one form or definition, to understand who I was and where I belong. But since I am interested and in love with so many different art forms and I will never be able to focus on only one form, I was forced to truly listen and be guided. Soul Art has really deepened my awareness with my creative spirit. I started to understand that my creative spirit loves diversity and the endless potential of possibility within the field of art. That it isn’t interested to be put into a “label ” that already exists, such as “dancer” or “painter”, but instead triggered my quest to find my own, unique blend and method. Through SOulArt I have really started to listen to my creative spirit instead of looking outside for answers. Having the creative freedom to express my creative spirit in all the different aspects in which that it feels home, this is bliss and luxury to me.

What is most important to you as an artist?

Living artfully in every moment of my life! Whether this is through creating art and dance, through decorating my home, through working with my body, through arranging beautiful, delicious food on a plate, or through creating sacred spaces for my clients,… it all comes down to capturing the beauty of the little things, finding joy in the ordinary and inspiring and supporting others to find beauty, harmony, freedom and balance in body, mind & soul. Through doing my Art in its many forms I share what my heart wants to say, what brings me joy, bliss, love and what lights up my soul. Through leading a creative life, and leading by example I am able to inspire and guide other creative soul-seekers, artists and dreamers who are ready to step into their full power and potential, who are committed to transform their lifes and live the life of who they trully are.