Lucille DancingWind

Lucille DancingWind is a mystic, author and the founder of Sacred Earth Connection™. Her work is dedicated to empowering men and women by reminding them of their true, divine nature–the source of sacred relationship with All, infinite wisdom, and deep trust in self and life. She works in partnership with Nature and Spirit to facilitate this work.

Lucille has continuously experienced miracles that manifest ‘against all odds’ by shattering the boundaries of comfort and logic. She shares incredible experiences that span decades, in her book “Sacred Possibilities”. By being a living example that absolutely anything is possible when we choose to honour our hearts and love, she inspires others to live their truth and walk their own sacred paths.

Some of her greatest joys are to experience love (the divinity of life) in all forms, to connect heart-to-heart with beings of Mother Earth and beyond, to ignite people’s sacred hearts, and to create diverse works of art using any medium that inspires her.

She has been described as “a shining spirit walking through the forest of life spreading her magic”.