About Jules Cazedessus’s Soul Art

It was a clear starry night in Costa Rica many years ago, as I recall, when my young nephew, Mason, and I were musing about the Big Picture. We were talking about species extinctions and climate change and I could feel his trepidation—what kind of world was he going to inherit? Were the adults on planet Earth smart enough to avert the disasters which seemed to be nipping at our heels, even then? My heart broke a little feeling my young friend’s fear…

And so, as often happens when my heart breaks, I decided to write a song. Pain is not always the origin of my creativity, however, being an artist (as I believe we all are) allows me to face the pain and alchemize into the gifts we are uniquely here to bring.

Jules Cazedessus

A writer and singer, Jules (aka EnviroSiren) loves exploring the alchemy of words and music in opening hearts and minds. Her original song about rising seas and climate change (Sink or Swim?) premiered at the United Nations and was released as a free music-video in 2013. Jules recently escaped the concrete canyons of NYC, where she coordinated feature-film and Broadway theater productions for a powerhouse creative couple for nearly 15 years, to return to the mountains of her native Colorado. She recently started a business to help reduce shame around natural body processes and to support women’s unbridled pleasure, Venus Matters.

Jules Cazedessus’s Soul Art Journey

How did you discover your creative spirit?

Perhaps it was my creative spirit that discovered this body…I remember being in love with nature as a child and always getting wonderfully messy. I’ve also always written in a journal. Song-writing came late in my life after a particularly poignant love affair ended in my 20s. I’ve written a couple screenplays and some 18 songs. Not sure what else it so come but I know this is just the beginning.

What is most important to you as an artist?

To awaken the light of love, forgiveness and joy in the human heart.