About Jen Mazer’s Soul Art

I make multimedia work that engages communication through community. My earlier work is deeply rooted in the feminine, through series like, “Etzchaim: Tree of Life” which highlights the idea of women’s diseases as a part of nature. I take on serious themes in a playful way, through a life-sized sculpture of a woman after a mastectomy claiming that she’s still beautiful, to a giant stuffed hot pink diva cup sculpture – which came from my own excitement about a feminine product that transformed my relationship to my period. My love of music led me to photographing musicians professionally. My art then shifted. After seeing so many concerts of the same bands around the world, I began to focus on the audience transformation through music. I’m currently created a video experience about that. My heart lives in Africa, where I’ve spent much of my time. So when I was approached to paint a piano for the NYC public to play, I was inspired by the Ndebele tribe of South Africa, known for their colorfully decorated homes & clothing. This is my take on their traditional patterned designs that were believed to have sacred powers—much like the healing power of the music that comes from playing the piano.

Jen Mazer

Jen Mazer is the Queen of Manifestation. She’s always been able to dream up outrageous adventures and actually live them out – From rubbing elbows at a small private cocktail party hosted by Martin Scorsese, to living rent-free in the East Village of Manhattan for 10 years, to traveling the world, to having her artwork published in the New York Times & New York Magazine, and to paying off over $38,000 of debt in less than a year. Jen manifested the man of her dreams (a successful rock star) and gave birth to a beautiful girl at home. She has recently co-created the Amenawon Solar School in Nigeria. Jen now teaches women how to manifest their biggest dreams. Her clients have manifested their first $60,000 months, publishing deals with Hay House, given their first TEDx talks, purchased their dream homes, and more. You can manifest with Jen through her signature Manifestation Masters Program and private coaching at www.QueenofManifestation.com.

Jen Mazer’s Soul Art Journey

How did you discover your creative spirit?

I’ve always considered myself an artist. As a young child, I carried around a sketchbook and drew portraits of my family. My parents nurtured my creative spirit, and I went to art school at NYU where I continued to make multimedia work rooted in human nature that engages communication. Like Laura, I view my life as art. New York City, where I live, is my playground. My friends actually gave me the nickname ‘Queen of Manifestation.’ Everything I’ve dreamed up for myself, I’ve been able to manifest in extraordinary, outrageous adventures that have taken me to ashrams & private film festivals in India, villages & backstage at the World Cup opening ceremonies in South Africa, and private studios & offices of my favorite artists and spiritual leaders. Like my life work, my artwork is an extension of my own thought processes, desires, healing, and excitement about new ideas.

What is most important to you as an artist?

I love the idea of art as healing. We all have our own inner healing powers. And that’s why I love creating as an artist and as a manifestation coach for women. I believe that if you can imagine it, you can create it. And we’re here in these physical bodies to create our lives… So why not create the best one you can possibly dream up?! It’s important to me as an artist to be free, and to express myself fully. I am committed to helping bring in a unified planet of conscious co-creators living out their full potential, free from limiting beliefs, and shining in their light. I believe that once that happens, the energy of the world will shift.