About Antonia Wibke Heidelmann’s Soul Art

This Channeled Drawing came through tuning into this year’s International Soul Art Day adventure and letting the pen be a soul seismograph for what is to come! I am sure you feel the exciting high vibe energy this drawing brings out. To me it is a cosmic creative spirit on fire bringing together earht elements in a sizzling way. She is like a cosmic angelic superwoman that surely enjoys to be in her physical body and to be freely expressed through sensual creative play! There is electricity stirring some magic elemental vortexes. I can’t wait for the magic of Soul Art Day to be ignited in the divine earthy matters it will manifest.

Antonia Wibke Heidelmann

Wibke is a multi-creative visionary image alchemist, intuitive healer, master frequency modulator, brand designer and cosmic dancer who is passionate to enable sensitive creative souls to be seen, recognized and valued for the amazing work they do.

Secrecy, separation and abuse issues resulted in much doubt about her self value but also enabled her to refine her intuitive senses and find unique creative ways to reconnect with her soul essence and gradually heal her heart’s scars through intense inner work and soulmate support. Today she receives, trusts and follows her divine guidance on much deeper levels allowing her to playfully guide others to reconnect and align with their soul essence and heart calling and to translate it into radiant visual brands that magnetize soul-aligned audiences.

She also developed a unique Channeled Drawing technique to receive soul guidance which she teaches others in intuitive art adventures.

Through her co-creative project FULLY SEEN she empowers people to dare bare their soul & present their unique gifts authentically and playfully to others – be it in intimate relationships, in front of a camera or in bEarthing & marketing their heart business with more confidence and heart joy.

Antonia Wibke Heidelmann’s Soul Art Journey

How did you discover your creative spirit?

Creativity is my nature but I did not believe in it’s value to others maybe because it came too effortless. But throughout the last 15 years of intense personal transformation work I felt most at ease when dancing, singing or picking up a pen to freely doodle or play with colors, images or imagination to ease my way through difficult moments. Only with the help of fellow travelers especially in conscious communities like Plum Village (a Buddhist monastery led my zen master Thich Nhat Hanh which I lived at for 2 years) and my life changing 4 year journey at the Barbara Brennan Healing School did I recognize that my creative expressions were not only for my pleasure but could light up and contribute to others well-being as well. Through creative luminaries like Laüra Hollick was I able to believe that I could use my intuitive creative gifts to make a living. It was during a program with Laura that I got to re-experience my joy of drawing and received a spark to change my perspective on the doodling I have always done without paying much attention to an outcome. It was the beginning of developing and refining my unique Channeled Drawing process to receive soul guidance for myself and then others (even celebrities) willing to pay for my intuitive services that I now have also started to teach others. It has tremendously empowered me to know my creativity has a specific purpose to others and has contributed to my renewed sense of value, confidence and trust to thrive with my creative passions.

What is most important to you as an artist?

What I enjoy and value the most as an artist is the magic that happens when I let myself be guided intuitively and playfully trust the divine to emerge in images, movements or sounds. I love to tune in or use what presents itself without much effort and to bring those elements together in a new way. It gives me a sense of ultimate freedom and magic.