About Anne Gudrun’s Soul Art

Soul Art® is a creative, yet structured process that allows me to work in my inner world, bringing the ethereal to real. As an artist I’m comfortable and at home here.

What I find most powerful is to set my intention and then let go of the outcome. I enter the zone of creativity where all possibilities lie… What is revealed may be completely unexpected, but always perfect.

Anne Gudrun

Anne Gudrun is an award-winning artist, author and visionary guide.

Anne envisions a world where art is valued as a way to experience beauty, inspiration and connection to spirit; helping people to live more meaningful lives.

She is the creator of Essence Art™, a business dedicated to bringing the ‘Beauty of Art’ to the world through her original art, product designs and business services.

Anne Gudrun’s Soul Art Journey

How did you discover your creative spirit?

I’ve always been aware of my creative spirit walking next to me… So it’s not so much as discovering her as it is uncovering her. Letting her out to play. When I began painting again I felt as though I was nine years old! Freeing my creative spirit was freeing my Self.

What is most important to you as an artist?

The most important thing for me is to create.

My creativity is my essence expressed. So to be creative I need to connect with my essence everyday; to nourish my creative soul.

I do something that I love, everyday.

I feed and inspire my soul with beauty, walks in nature, time alone, reading, writing, contemplation… Yoga, healthy food, sleep… Friends, laughter and creative play… I listen. I have fun. I take risks… I daydream and imagine…

And then I create. I do the work.

Whether it’s painting, writing, or taking action on my latest idea, project or goal, creating is what makes me come alive.