What insights did Charlotte Lascelles receive from creating Soul Art?

My intention for this year’s Soul Art Journey was to awaken my kundalini energy. What I felt and experienced throughout the day was a huge expansion within my body and a creative explosion all around me. My piece mirrored this, showing a field of colour and creativity emerging from my physical self. What I recognised was how this creative channel connects us to the divine, and the many beings, both physical and non-physical that surround us.

My key insight was that we are one with all of creation.

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Charlotte works with successful, professional women all over the globe to incorporate the sacred Feminine back into their lives, both in terms of how they generate wealth and manage their personal lives. A former Goldman Sachs Investment Banker, turned Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Transformation Expert, Charlotte draws on her own journey of transitioning from a highly left-brained masculine world into a creatively liberated and personally empowered entrepreneur and thought leader. She is passionate about assisting other highly-skilled women to do the same, believing that a life of true happiness and joy is available to us all.

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