What insights did Lisa Sonora Beam receive from creating Soul Art?

“Beauty is not in the face, it is a light in the heart.”

Kahlil Gibran said that, and it is written in magenta oil pastel across the top of my bathroom mirror.

A reminder of what to look for (instead of the next wrinkle, or grey hair) when I brush my teeth and wash my face.

A reminder that in one snippet of poetry, we can be reminded of our True Calling. Our Soul’s Purpose.

This is the function of art-making. To remind us that we are whole, that we are here for a higher purpose, that we become more beautiful as we radiate that purpose from our heart center.

The creative source that inspires us to make art, to make something beautiful, to want to make this world a better place, is a fire within and it never goes out.

To honor the creative fire within and dare to express yourself is to strike a match that ignites the light in your own heart.

Beauty is Aliveness. This is the inner wisdom I first heard as a young painter, when I dared to paint what was inside of me, and not make pretty pictures just because they were commercially successful.

In this piece, still unfinished and now hanging in my loft near San Francisco, the spirit within me is luminous. A whole universe inside of her. Yet supported, touching ground on this beloved Earth, a place to dance and play with kindred souls. A place to make inner visions real through art-making.

The creative fire is a universe within. Expansive and unlimited. The beloved Earth is where we find our support, our sustenance and connection. We’re all spiritual girls in a material world, if you will.

I believe that anyone who has a soul calling to be an artist, means that there is a bridge to cross where very few dare to tread.

Making your Art, and daring to express yourself is the first part of the journey. The territory of Creative. Making a viable living as an artist is the bridge we cross over into the territory of Entrepreneur. At this point, we are living in two worlds. Like spirits in bodies. Spiritual girls in the material world.

The journey can be Beautiful. It will be healing. The journey of Creative + Entrepreneur is a soul calling.

They are, as D.H. Lawrence writes, the Strange Angels knowing at the door.

Will you answer your call? Will you open the door? Will you set out on your brave journey?

Trust in the part of you that wants to make Beauty.

Honor the parts of you that love to be Beauty-Full.

Beauty is Aliveness. So begin. Wherever you feel most alive. That’s the spark that sets the heart of fire.

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Lisa Sonora Beam’s Bio

Lisa Sonora Beam is an artist, therapist, serial entrepreneur, and business strategist. Author of The Creative Entrepreneur, the award-winning, bestselling book on creativity and business, she has professional degrees in Music Therapy and an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise.

A lifelong global traveler, Lisa lives in San Francisco and Mexico, and has taught creativity and business workshops for more than two decades on five continents…and counting.

Lisa’s next book is about the expressive and intuitive sketchbook process she uses with clients, titled A Cartography of Higher Purpose.

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