Harma Margrieta, shamanic renewer connecting realities from Netherlands


Harma Margrieta bio photoWhat Inspired you to do a Soul Art journey?

I am a certified soul art guide in body mapping and chakras. Besides that, I am on my way to complete the remaining levels towards ‘shaman’. The one piece left is “doing my workshops”. So that inspired me this year on soul art day to host a workshop for 2 people in my home with the theme “return to self to jump out”

How would you describe your creative process?

a journey of a day unfolded in a journey of a week.

No one showed up and/or signed up for the workshop. In creating the workshop I had very clear moments of inner guidance on how to keep it simple and easy, yet I did not listen to that. I ended up making stuff complicated and chaotic, driven by an inner force, I have to do more, it needs to be better. What stood out was the night before the workshop, sitting on the sofa at my sister’s place, out of the blue, in 5 sentences I explained very clear what soul art was and what the workshop was about. I thought “if I had put THAT in the announcement, then people would have shown up!!!!’ But “too late”. On the day itself, I decided to show up at my workshop anyway. At 2 PM, I opened it with a FB live in the soul art group being honest on what had happened. Then I froze. I did not do anything for the rest of the day, besides closing the day and the workshop with another FB live, sitting in silence. I could not speak.

2 days later, on Friday, I was able to continue my journey, reflecting on the process the full process, what had happened, 5 days later, on Monday, I did my creative expression moving through the barrier. 6 days later, on Tuesday, I completed the journey with a photo shoot. This is my soul art piece of soul art day 2019.

What insight did you receive from your Soul Art?

“out of the blue, she rises”.
Showing up, trusting the process, honesty, and act from where I am now and what I know now is enough.

What is the most important thing you would like to share about your Soul Art experience?

The power of showing up to “where I am now”. No one showed up, no one signed up for the workshop. It was easy to hide and return to where I was, enjoy soul art day as the years before doing a journey with myself. Yet I decided to show up to what was and share my experiences of the workshop honestly with the soul art day group. Although it was thought, this felt empowering and honouring towards myself.

The power of honesty. I shared honestly my experiences with the outside world, not making it prettier than it was. Also, I was honest to myself, reflecting on the full journey, the preparation of the workshop and the workshop itself, what can I learn from it and how can I alchemize it. This feels healing and so empowering. I don’t need to be further than I am, I don’t need to be better than I am.

The power of silence, “doing nothing” and simplicity. One reason my workshop “failed” was “doing too much”, “not trusting the process” and “overruling my own inner voice”. It’s truly amazing how much unfolds by taking a break, taking distance and let it come to me, instead of having the feeling I have to chase it.

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