Lucille DancingWind, I’m a highly creative, intuitive and shamanic visionary… inspiring, empowering and reminding people of their natural state of being, by sharing my essence and journey through various means, including Sacred Earth Connection (website, book, art, blog and facebook). from Canada


Lucille DancingWind bio photoWhat Inspired you to do a Soul Art journey?

This particular Soul Art journey on International Soul Art Day, May 9th 2013, was very special and powerful to me, being on a New Moon Solar Eclipse and my 2 year anniversary of completely leaving behind a life as I knew it, to start anew, entirely guided by the Divine into the unknown… Currently on the Big Island of Hawaii, and soon to answer the call of Kauai as well, the co-creation energies of beloved Mother Earth, Goddess Pele and all Sacred Elements are so tangible here, what better place to create a Soul Art, connecting with Soul Family around the world!

How would you describe your creative process?

Currently staying at Home Heart Hawaii’s Jacaranda suite, I fully enjoyed creating this Soul Art with my Soul Sister Eva Annaluna, who created a beautiful sacred space for us to freely flow joyfully with our creativity. I started with a powerful personal ceremony in Nature, then joined Eva with paints, magazines and inspiration! It was fun to do each other’s body mapping – I had my feet and head traced. I love to begin with paint as it’s very meditative and brings me quickly into the creative zone… I created a rich emerald green colour for the background and used shimmering gold paint to create rays over the green radiating from the center. Then I love using collage for it fully liberates my mind and I never know what messages will come through afterwards when I dialogue – it’s entirely a soul process for choosing images and I love that. We had travel magazines from Hawaii so the energy of my Soul Art looks very Hawaiian but the images’ are very symbolic with messages that transcend the physical aspect.

What insight did you receive from your Soul Art?

I received SO MANY!… it truly amazed me… I wrote nonstop for a very long time… and I’m sure I’ll keep receiving insights from it every time I’ll spend quiet moments with it. If I sum it all up into one thing, my Soul Art is a tangible map that reminds me of my truth and the infinite support I have from so many on my journey (even though I can’t see most of them in the physical) and it also provides a grounded, sacred space for all my heart’s desires.

What is the most important thing you would like to share about your Soul Art experience?

Participating in this International Soul Art Day created by Laüra Hollick this year felt so amazing here on Mauna Loa (from base to top, the largest mountain in the world!), knowing there were so many of us around our precious Earth participating together from a deep, creative soul level, all focused on creating Soul Art. And I have no doubt everyone felt that interconnectedness and experienced wonders! It’s a powerful reminder of how we truly have the power to co-create the world we desire by uniting in spirit, heart, joy and love!

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