What insights did Jenny Fenig receive from creating Soul Art?

It was an amazing process! Here is the BIG insight I received: the more I simplify, systematize and sensualize my life and business, the more I align with the UNLIMITED flow of abundance, money and growth.

My Soul Art told me:
– My family will always be supported.
– I\’m RICH.
– My business heals the world.
– I will have the opportunity to meet with HUGE luminaries who will help me spread my message and fulfill my mission.
– I\’m on the right track.
– Simplicity = unlimited growth.
– Speak up.
– Focus on the results I get for my clients. Trust this.
– Be feminine.
– My life will continue to be beyond my wildest dreams.
– Anything I want, I can have.
– It\’s happening now.
– Share my gift, aim to serve + be full of faith that the unlimited flow of abundance is always coming.

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Jenny Fenig’s Bio

Jenny Fenig is a passionate woman, wife, mom, yogi and award-winning entrepreneur. After spending a decade climbing the corporate ladder as a communications executive and event producer, Jenny burned out and quit her high-pressure, six-figure job to become a yoga teacher and figure out how she could rebuild her life from the ground up (and never work in a cubicle again).

The corporate refugee eventually discovered the field of coaching, heard the angels sing, and got certified as a coach and mentor to gutsy women-on-a-mission. Her company Jenny Fenig Worldwide guides entrepreneurs and visionaries to find their purpose and build their business.

Jenny is passionate about teaching her tribe how to be smart, soulful marketers with rock-solid systems to make great money while working less. A true adventurer, Jenny loves that she can run her business from anywhere in the world.

Find out more at www.jennyfenig.com.

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