About Tara Preston’s Soul Art

This image is of my Third Chakra Soul Art. Each Soul Art Chakra journey has been amazing, and provided deep healing, while uncovering new insights to support my soul path, and deepest desires.

Through this Soul Art journey I was able to create a visual representation of my third charka. Not only was I guided to create a staff, having all of the supplies magically appear along the way (and a yellow crystal that fit perfectly onto the stick)I also felt guided to incorporate myself into art.

I have also discovered that each chakra is a channel for my essence and her unique expression here in the physical. The insights that I received are too much to go into in one post, but clarity and alignment were huge, allowing me to understand that when I am clear & aligned to my core passion, I naturally activate my star power! This was a huge awareness that gave me full permission to align my business to my core passion!!

It has fueled me a new and exciting ways!

Tara Preston

Tara Preston, The beauty shaman for spirited women entrepreneurs who are ready to become the empowered visible goddess they were born to be.

She helps woman connect to their intuition, essence, and heart’s vision, valuing their sacred gifts, and trusting themselves as they flow into greater expression of their unique soul’s purpose. She helps than feel beautifully expressed through a business they love, so they can come out of hiding and be seen by those they are here to serve.

Prior to becoming a certified intuitive and working with woman helping them discover their purpose, Tara studied Journalism, business and was a also a professional make-up artist for lines like Giogrio Armani for over a decade. One thing she learned is that she loved to peel back the layers of who women authentically were not, helping them fall deeply, and madly fall in love with who they truly are, letting their unique essence shine through.

She discovered how empowered women feel when they are given space to authentically self-express, whether that’s through using their voice, claiming their dreams, or presenting themselves in a way that they feel really expresses their unique essence, truth, and power.

Tara Preston’s Soul Art Journey

What does Soul Art mean to you?

Soul Art has been the most amazing creative spiritual tool for authentically aligning my life & businesses. I KNOW when I need to understand clearly how to navigate my soul path that the Soul Art process will guide unique expression of my me. This process opens a portal to your own soul-level healing. Whatever heads space you find yourself in prior to a Soul Art Journey will be transmuted to through this beautiful process.