About Ka Amorastreya’s Soul Art

Art is the outward expression of the artist’s soul. My art focuses on the beauty I experience in this world, and the inner realms I inhabit. My work always begins with a simple seed, a concept, geometry or one essence, and then the journey of witnessing an entire creation commences as the time and love are fed into the work. I never know the future outcome of any creative endeavor, though I may have a notion or vague idea. Time and time again, I become humbled and amazed at the sentience and power of the muse, her profound teachings and immense beauty, as she pours her life giving breath of inspiration through my being and from hands.

Ka Amorastreya

Kathryn June “Ka” Amorastreya, born in west Texas, creatively expressed herself from a young age. Her passion and purpose was ignited when she began studying healing arts, and practicing massage therapy. It was then she discovered the power of healing, and the beauty in helping people improve their quality of life. Weaving this love for healing into her artistic expressions, she began making tools and adornments from elements of nature. She started teaching herself to paint at the age of 22, and found herself revealing powerful visions, creating her own unique language of beauty. Meanwhile, she developed her expressive talents in the performance arts. Ka continues painting, dancing, and creating as much beauty as she possibly can. She has danced and offered her art at events and galleries internationally since 2002, and her work has been featured in a number of mainstream publications. Ka is also a founding director of the Visionary Arts Foundation.

“The aim of my art is to bring attention to, and celebrate the beauty into this world.  I believe beauty is a powerful medicine, offering healing to those who witness it. When I experience beauty, I feel my heart relax and open.  With an open heart, I experience more love, peace and joy in my life. When I feel bombarded by the suffering propagated by a conflicted humanity, the most effective way to reclaim my power and balance, is by generating more beauty through art. It is my mode of prayer, and my devotional response to the immense beauty of nature, the ever unfolding  love songs of God. My hope, is that when people view my work, they find beauty, and feel their hearts soften, even if just a little, so they may feel more at ease. I wish for my art to be a mirror, reflecting the viewer’s own Divinity and beauty. I believe we are all Divine and sovereign, and that we, collectively and individually, have the power to create the beauty we wish to see in the world. I hold great reverence for our collective potential to bridge Heaven and Earth, through our love, imagination and creativity.”