About Shiloh Sophia’s Soul Art

I create from a space of internal story. Looking to see, at that point in time, what wants to be revealed in me. In this painting, called Chief Soul Fire, I was leading a class and this was my teaching painting so many stories were unearthed within me and demonstrated on this one canvas. I was in the process of shedding a past archetype and seeing what the new one was that wanted to be revealed. She called herself, Chief Soul Fire and I understood she had a message for me on my journey – that it was time to move to a new place within my sacred work.

Painting, is personal medicine and puts the healing into the hands of the one doing the creating!

Shiloh Sophia

Shiloh Sophia sees life as a great adventure! As an artist, writer and teacher, she has been blazing a trail of fearless self expression for the past twenty years. She is part of creating a worldwide movement through art called Intentional Creativity. Her work focuses on liberating our stories from their cages using image and word as a conscious agents of changing energy. She is a published author, as well as the founder of two schools for women, Cosmic Cowgirls, and the Color of Woman School, which is a teacher training. You will find her most days having tea with her Muse in her studio.

Shiloh Sophia’s Soul Art Journey

What does Soul Art mean to you?

Soul Art for me means we create from the space within – accessing the hidden beauty, secret rooms and ready stories of the subconscious. It isn’t something that is a style, or that belongs to any one specific way of creating – but rather, a collective happening to begin creating from that holy place called the soul.