Jo Westwood

Jo Westwood AKA ‘The Spirit DJ’ breaks down spiritual concepts better than the Beastie Boys break beats! Hailing from Nottingham, not New York, she remixes ethereal, deep, spiritual concepts to make them accessible, practical and relatable to help the digital generation be more present, peaceful and connected in this manic modern world. In short, she delivers spiritual solutions for your real life shiz. Jo is the co-creator of the curated content platform #HigherSelfie: Life Thru the Spiritual Lens, the world’s first and only spirituality un-conference and the co-author of #HigherSelfie: Wake up your life. Free your soul. Find your tribe, published with Hay House.

Jo Westwood’s Soul Art Journey

What does Soul Art mean to you?

Human’s are naturally creative beings. We have an innate desire to make, build, dream, do, invent and innovate. When we follow this desire, when we trust and have faith that our heart knows what it is that each one of us is here to create, we make Soul Art.