About Naia Leigh’s Soul Art

My soul art often depicts the the beauty and passionate potential of women in the world. It is a direct connection to my soul, and is a tool for healing and activation. My art challenges me to release self doubt, to trust my intuitive impulses and has helped me in making sense of – and beauty out of challenges that I have gone through. It allows me to use art as a language to tell a story about what I feel is important, and is a way I can deepen my connection to myself, while offering to the world.

Naia Leigh

Naia is a a Women’s Passionate Empowerment Coach and Creator and Teacher of Boundless Modality, which is a effective method that clears subconscious blocks. She is passionate about reigniting creativity, passion and sisterhood to ignite global change, and inspires others with her message through her retreats, art, writing and dance.

Naia Leigh’s Soul Art Journey

What does Soul Art mean to you?

Soul Art to me, means it is a genuine expression of the passion of my Soul. It means I am sharing a piece of myself; whether it my healing, a passion, or a vision for the world. It feels like a transmission to awaken something within myself and in others.