Isabel Ivy’s Soul Art Day Interview

When did you know you were an artist?

I have always been creative from the moment I could pick up a crayon, I explored many arrayed of different mediums throughout my life however it was 9 years ago when I discovered oil paints. My life changed forever as I strived to ensure I could paint as much as possible, dedicating my life to find ways of combining art and healing. I found this to be the most direct and freeing means to share the visual information of my downloads and visions that I had been receiving in alignment with my healing work for sometime. It was a strong feeling that this is what I was my dharma, and the more I did, the more inspiration I had to create more.

What keeps you making art?

The way people respond in such a positive way, as if they feel some kind of healing and ‘remembering’ when they witness to my creations, as well as the internal satisfaction of feeling like this is what I feel Im here to do.

What does your art say to you?

It teaches me. The themes I feel passionate to explore on canvas are often what I am exploring spiritually and in my life. as the picture reveals its self, further information unveils showing me symbolism that wants to be shared collectively. As it goes through me (as the channel) it is usually in alignment with something personal I am also moving through. I am often amazed at how the final piece answers a question or shows me something potent I may not have come to with my logical mind, in ways like an oracle.


Picture of Isabel Ivy

About Isabel Ivy

Always delving in the creative side of otherworldly realms, Izzy’s truest inspiration is painting. … this journey has taken her life by storm, allowing her to give voice to her mystical experiences the adventures through her spiritual and healing work.

Many of the creations are conceived through dance, during this free flow, unique beings start to weave their light. The process unravels further once back in front of the canvas… information unfurls in richly coloured, inviting worlds with welcoming guardians.

Izzy is passionate about reminding us that magic exists, that we hold the codes to becoming the greatest version of our selves and that we all have wings.

Fusing a sense of childlike innocence with a sense of all-knowing depth and strength in her characters, she combines art with the spirit that dances her. Seeding subtle symbolism for the collective dreaming and keys to a deeper remembering …

Creator of Best selling Oracle Deck Beyond Lemuria, Izzy has discovered her passion as an inspirational writer and has other oracle and tarot decks that will soon be released in the world. She also tours her ‘Anchoring Light’ painting journey around the globe.