Lainie Love Dalby’s Soul Art Day Interview

What does it mean to be an artist to you?

Shamanic Healing Art a.k.a. Sacred Art refers both to my spiritual teaching in the world and what I create with my artworks, or what I like to call he(art) works. I deeply believe that we are all artists and creators, in charge of the greatest masterpiece on earth: our LIVES. We’re co-creating each day, all in service to the Great Cosmic Masterpiece and this dance of life of which we’re all a part.

The life we are living in this very moment is the true work of Sacred Art. I am a LIFE artist!

Our life is our canvas — and it’s our responsibility to make it a masterpiece for the good of all. What I’m referring to when I use the word masterpiece is really reaching our peak human potential in this lifetime. It’s embodying our full artistry in every moment and continually stretching and growing into the fullness of who we’re meant to be in the world. It’s doing all we can to unleash our authentic soul expression so we can Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® in service to all those who need us most, and to Life itself. It’s time to deliver our deepest gifts to meet the world’s deepest needs. That’s why I support people in coming wildly and unapologetically ALIVE!

By teaching The 13 Pillars of the Sacred Art of Sparkling Shamelessly I am providing a way for people to come back to their truth, their essence: their honest, authentic, wild, and alive selves. This is a journey of re-membering ourselves into being and recovering our spiritual essence. I’m here to help bring reverence back to daily life, to our interactions with all things, including our bodies, our sacred work in the world, our food, & all our relations. I’m here to help us see the Divine spark in us and all beings, so that we can make our entire life a blessing and a prayer for a better world.

We are walking stardust — every single living being — regardless of race, class, nationality, religion, or species. It is our true nature to shine. Shining together, there is an interconnected constellation of us just like the stars shining brilliantly in the night sky: flooding the house of humanity with light, each a cosmic and radiant node in our interconnected Web of All Life. My life’s work is to help us all do just this: SPARKLE SHAMELESSLY®. It’s allowing our spiritual magnificence to come forth, our soul essence, the reality and raw truth of who we are. It’s our unique #SOULSPARKLE and medicine that only we can bring to the world.

The overall health of our mind, body and soul also depends on how free we are to express our fullest selves. Awakening our Wild Feminine Creative, Spiritual and S£xual Power is at the core of all I do as a shamanic healing artist.

How would you describe your creative process?

I believe in the power of art making itself, and especially mixed media visual art & collage, as a form of prayer, deep healing, & communion with the Divine. That’s why I refer to my art as He(art) or Shamanic Healing Art. It’s accessing an endless well of colorful textured language from the mysterious realm of the soul. Each sacred offering is a clue to the truth of who we are, leading us closer to ourselves and why we’re here at this time. It’s an opportunity for us to take an individual journey into our inner landscapes, bringing forth our deepest expressions of wholeness and the embodied truth felt deep in our bones. It’s welcoming all parts of ourselves home, surrendering to the mystery, and safely entering into the darkness and the shadow. It’s merging spirit and earth through creation.

For every creation is inscribed with the creator, including each and every one of us.

I deeply believe that we matter. We each have a precious human life that deserves to be cherished, supported and upheld. That’s why my own sacred work is focused on individual & global healing, and why I infuse this intention into all I do and create, regardless if it’s an online program or a work of He(art) or facilitating a sacred circle. The images that speak to me are universal, tapping into the nature of the cosmos and all that is, relating to our intimate connectedness with others and all of life, and reminding us of who we are and to whom we belong. Each gesture, symbol, image and element weaves together healing and deep meaning, allowing us to access the depths of our own being (both individually and collectively) and to mine the beauty and wisdom of the soul.

Artmaking is a portal/vehicle for the secret language of the soul that helps lure us back to wholeness and who we truly are.

The Sacred (R)evolution® Oracle deck is such a powerful example of my process since it’s a multidimensional portal of healing, re-membrance, and transformation filled with sacred and holy transmissions embedded with deep magic, mythic mystery, ancient wisdom, light codes and oracular wisdom for the ancient future.

Each of the 52 cards offers cosmic shamanic archetypal transmissions to support your personal awakening as well as ignite Galactic Gaia Unity Consciousness in our world for the ascension of humanity. All of the shamanic healing art pieces were birthed with holy oil anointing, light language transmissions, crystal medicine, codes for the New Earth, as well as prayers and intentions for deep personal and planetary transmutation.

The original art — a.k.a. he(art) — is all mixed media collage, cut paper, paint, glue, crystals, holy oils, herbal medicine, and more. Many of the he(art) works have up to 50 charged sacred layers and were created on a much larger scale — the original canvases sometimes being over 6 ft tall and rectangular or long and thin — so they needed to be distilled down into the circular oracle cards. Due to this, you are now receiving the most potent dose of medicine possible, each card like its own pill with direct divine transmissions of the evolutionary mutation we’re undergoing.

Overall, the oracle deck is a deep & holy re-wilding root healing journey. It is an individual and collective soul retrieval, calling all parts of ourselves back home now. This is the true power of my creative process and sharing it with others.

What matters most to you when it comes to your art?

Embodiment is essential to my shamanic healing art. Our body is a portal to our power. We must start there. We are powerful beyond measure, we just have to remember that fact. We can’t be fully living into our leadership potential if we’re not firmly rooted in our bodies. This is one of the reasons that my Sacred (R)evolution® Oracle deck is multi-media and multi-dimensional. This is the first oracle deck of its kind since it comes with an interactive portal in our Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy to accompany the deck & guidebook. It’s a choose your own adventure journey where each of the 52 cards comes with a guided sacred practice that ranges from ritual & ceremony, to ecstatic embodied movement, to shamanic journeys, to potent visualizations and more that you’ll be personally guided through in videos, Mp3s and live transmissions!

To answer the call we are all facing now, we must come back home to ourselves and our bodies, especially those of us that are womxn identified. We are being invited to reawaken to the truth within and our soul’s purpose. To WAKE UP to our power and potential and wield it for the good of all. Womxn who are standing in their wholeness, who have come back to our innate wildness and primal instincts, who are FIERCE. Womxn who are SOVEREIGN ecstatic embodied leaders.

We must come back home to each other and the earth. We much re-weave the siSTARhood. We need to gather to do the inner work, to heal, to play, to grow and transform ourselves and our ailing world. This is a core part of my sacred art.

At this pivotal moment systems are crumbling, the levels of suffering are becoming nearly insurmountable, and we are deeply submerged in an age of separation. This age of separation is closely related to our alienation from nature, our own bodies, and the sacred Fierce Feminine. Sacred Reconnection is key to us stepping into our power and becoming the womxn we’re capable of being and co-creating a new paradigm together.

It is time to awaken to our potential and ARISE into our full power. The only way we’ll have external change in our world is to change ourselves first. Personal (r)evolution = societal (r)evolution.

In my multidimensional shamanic healing work with others, I invite the Expressive Arts into the personal & spiritual development process to help participants unleash another level of their authentic soul expression and creativity. Whether it’s doing Qoya movement, or creating a mixed media collage, the Expressive Arts offer a complementary and colorful addition to the process of healing, transformation, mending and reweaving of participants back to where they came from and who they truly are, to their deepest soul truths, to their most authentic essence. And the best part is that no art experience is necessary!

I see it as an archeological process, one that isn’t so much about creating some shining finished product of He(art), but about recreating yourself through each creative gesture, stroke, impulse or symbol.

It’s utilizing creativity as a devotional act that brings you closer to the Divine and the great ALL THAT IS.

I invite you to re-enter the immensity of the great mystery, and commune deeply with the truest and most hidden parts of yourself. Come home to yourself and our human family. Step into the portal of oneness that will greet, hold and nurture you deeply so we can build a kinder, braver & more beautiful world together. Shamanic Healing Art has been an intimate vehicle for me to grow and expand, and I now share that with others in a deeply embodied way.


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About Lainie Love Dalby

Lainie Love Dalby is a Galactic Rainbow Shamaness on a mission to free Humxn Spirits that have been told they’re either “too much” or “not enough” to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® and step into their authentic power & sovereignty. She’s a Trailblazer of Womxn’s Spirituality and Empowerment, Master Teacher & Facilitator, Transformational Speaker, Global Vortex Retreat Leader, #1 Bestselling Author, Oracular Astrologer, Shamanic Healing Artist, Holy Ceremonialist, the Cosmic Creatrix of the Sacred (R)evolution® Oracle and the Founder of the Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy. As a spiritual thought leader with her own flavor of multimedia ministry, she is using daring style, deep substance and Divine #SOULSPARKLE to dismantle old systems, ideas, and ways of being that promote separateness and limit our full (r)evolutionary potential so that we can come wildly & unapologetically ALIVE. She is also deeply passionate about ending the rampant disregard for LIFE, especially the overt & covert violence that’s perpetrated against the Sacred Feminine and our own bodies, by restoring sacred reconnection around the globe. To that end, she gathers womxn & the LGBTQ community in both live & virtual sacred circles and new paradigm training to facilitate deep healing, sacred play, soul growth, and alchemical transformation. Ultimately, she’s igniting a constellation of millions of star beings Sparkling SHAMELESSLY across the globe to help flood the house of humanity with light, love & healing. Embark on the journey with her at and