Tracy Verdugo’s Soul Art Day Interview

When did you know you were an artist?

In my early twenties I began to travel, first to the US, Mexico and Guatemala. In Mexico and Guatemala I found a world where everything is art and almost everyone an artist.

Village women handweave meticulous and glorious clothing to be worn in every day life to the markets and in the fields, almost everyone can pick up a guitar and everyone else can sing along to hundreds of folk songs that bring richness and connection to gatherings. Food is eaten on beautiful handpainted ceramics and offerings are made to the spirits which are both spiritually poignant and artistically divine. I’ve since found this paradigm in many places in the world and it has shifted my own view of what art and creativity is in huge ways.

Up until this realization, like many others, I had put “art” in some kind of elite category, reserved for the lucky few born with talent. I was drawn to explore many creative paths in those days; cooking, gardening, flower arranging, sewing but never saw these as artforms.

After being immersed in cultures where art is an intrinsic part of every day life, by the time I began to paint in 2000 I found it easy to call myself an artist.

How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process hinges on duality and mimics every other part of my life.

I tend to take the long way around, think very laterally and often need others to point out a simpler more logical path… Luckily my husband and daughters are all creative but logical thinkers so this helps!

I’m naturally messy and overcomplicate things BUT crave simplicity and at least occasional order, so ritual has become important to me and finding ways to paint that are less chaotic and more calming.

I may start a painting session by lighting some sage or a candle and I need things to be somewhat tidy unless I’m in the middle of painting a series and working on multiples.

I deal with anxiety and an overactive mind so painting is also a meditative practice for me. In winter I’ll bring supplies into our living room by the fire and cozy myself with sketching and small pieces on paper.

What do you love about your art?

I love that my work brings a sense of joy, inspiration, peace and vibrancy to others and often receive beautiful messages from people around the world who have been touched or uplifted by a painting. In a world lacking in connection if I can create work that reaches out and makes positive impact that makes me very happy.


Picture of Tracy Verdugo

About Tracy Verdugo

If Tracy Verdugo was given the opportunity to coin a term for a new art
movement based around what she teaches she might call it “Curiosity and
Wonderism” or maybe “Loosen-upism” or “Endless possibilitism”.
Tracy is an inspiration instigator, gentle guide, prolific painter, bestselling
author, smitten traveller and soaker up of all that is beauty-full. She teaches
her creative workshops all over this amazing planet and also online, always
with the overriding intention to remind her students of the wonder that already
resides within them.