Nina Berzbach’s Soul Art Day Interview

What does it mean to be an artist to you?

It means I have an artistic point of view on life in general. I can find beauty in the most tragic places or situations as long as I sense its truth and its essence. I feel strongly connected with the divine and I believe that God is the biggest artist of all. It also means creating new possibilities, and new worlds, expanding your mind via creativity and letting your heart speak its own truth. It also means to be a channel for nü earth, to support other soulmates in their waking-up process, and to be grounded to embody my essence.

What inspires you?

I feel inspired by nature, life, and its energy in general. I love colors and going to the art supplier gives me goosebumps and the desire to create more and more art. I love expressing my emotions freely on paper and listening to epic music.

Who is your art for?

My art and life coaching are for those soulmates that are spiritual leaders, highly sensitive, and deep souls yet are grounded at the same time. They love a deep dive into inner worlds, high energy, and vibrant colors. My art is for the new earth spirit rebels, that know they have a mission in this life to accomplish and might have lost themselves a little bit on their way. They desire to figure out who they truly are and start to connect with themselves to become the love of their life without any excuses. They will inspire those around them and create ripple effects around the world.


Picture of Nina Berzbach

About Nina Berzbach

I consider myself a spiritual rebel and therefore I write a short love letter about my soulmates instead of my Bio ;).
I am here for you, to support you in your evolution, to become more conscious every day of who you truly are. I am here to travel side by side into your unknown worlds, to discover your talents but also your vulnerable sides. I am by your side whilst creating your medicine, that helps you to embody your essence and to shed old skin that never was yours in the first place. I am here for you if you want to make the invisible visible and if your desire for change is unstoppable. The puzzle pieces make more and more sense to me and I understand why I am here for. I am here to discover with you your truth and essence so you will fall in love with your light and shadow. I am here to remind you how to trust and create a loving connection with your body. So that you feel connected with the divine and loved on earth. Thank you dear Soulmate to make me realize why I am here.