Anita Wales’s Soul Art Day Interview

Why have you chosen the artist path?

It has always been in my DNA or my way of being in the world. I got sidetracked at eighteen when I bought into “you cannot make a living as an artist” and “you do not have what it takes”, so I took a roundabout route and enjoyed learning the skills of co-creation in the business of advertising, property and later fundraising for charities in London, Hong Kong and Copenhagen. – But that inner artist kept calling me to photograph and in turn I was encouraged by a steady flow of small commissions. Still I kept playing safe in my “day jobs” until a low point in my life when it almost lost its power and then it reignited me.

What keeps you making art?

My creative expression is a heartfelt experience that brings such joy to me and then even more by the joy it brings to others who connect to my work be it through photography or Creative Life Coaching. We thrive when we engage in the world by sharing our gifts.

What is your art about?

My art is lead by a desire to inspire and live life vibrantly. I am curious to how we humans seem to connect like balls of energy in play. We are here to co-create and share our gifts. We just need to connect with “what is mine to do?”.

In fact we need to slow down for things to shift. Walking in nature connects me to a sense of flow where all is connected with a touch of magic.

The energy flows where the attention goes. Now You See It Now you don’t. In your heart you can sense so much more than meets the eye… It takes practice


Picture of Anita Wales

About Anita Wales

The purpose at the center of working with Anita is a deep sense of knowing that dreams are like magic portals, preparing us to shift with our gifts and make a difference.

Creative Life Coaching with Anita is joyful, surprising and transformative. Her training as a Soul Art Guide and Flow Game Host with over ten years exploring Conscious Evolution and Energy work in international circles brings a wealth of expertise to your journey. She believes passionately that we as individuals are empowered when we follow our heart, live our truth and embody our full potential. “We thrive when we engage and share our gifts.”

A creative soul at heart, Anita’s career has spanned advertising, fund-raising, film production and stills photography. Creative Life Coaching marries together her practical experience in the business world and her creative sensitivity. Her imagination, listening deeply, being profoundly present and expert intuition has come about from a deep sense of Following Your Bliss.

Anita is based in Copenhagen and London and offers Creative Life Coaching on-line or in person, one-to-one or groups.

Anita is fluent Danish and English and happy to communicate in French.