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International Soul Art Day Gallery

Valarie Endemann

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Valarie Endemann's Soul Art

What Inspired you to do a Soul Art journey?

Art journey? A deep impulse, a soul calling. Now that I’ve worked with the Soul Art Journey process for over 4 years I know how profound and nurturing a Soul Art Journey is. There is always a magical excitement of curiosity about what will come through- what part of me I will get to see, talk to, learn from and heal. Soul Art Day is always so powerful, knowing there are so many of us around the world raising up the vibration of Love, Beauty & Healing through our art and unique creative process.

How would you describe your creative process?

have a very loving relationship with my creativity- and my process is a ritual of love and very intentional, engaging with all my senses in preparation. I set up an altar that reflects where I am on my path with something that acknowledges and honors the past year. This year I created a small glass adornment that contains dried petals from a bouquet I used on my altar the year before. My altar is the creative doorway I go through to enter into the creative process- the place I go to get to other creative doorways! Music, scent, color are all essential. I worked with flower essence infused waters that I also mixed into the paints. I meditate, dance, and tap in to whatever emotional energy I’m currently feeling- and I journal about what I’m observing, what my intention really is for this journey.

What insight did you receive from your Soul Art?

Oh my gosh… so many! They are still pouring through! Because I painted my art as one piece on four attached canvases, there were 4 very distinct components- so the cycle of 4 is very powerful for me- 4 seasons, 4 elements, 4 cycles of life, 4 moon cycles, etc. and the center piece is me, my core, soul essence- a flower of life, lotus blossoming. Each part of the whole image provides me with guidance and medicine. For example, I carved and scratched into the thick paint on one panel- and it felt very nourishing while I was doing it- It felt ancient and I had a visceral body memory of carving on cave walls. I was “scratching the surface” and “making my mark”. I am a sacred creator led by the rhythm of life and guided ancestors, ancients and all that has come before. I can trust in this guidance.

What is the most important thing you would like to share about your Soul Art experience?

It is magick. It is what magick means to me. When I am creating with intention I am who I authentically am and my inner world and outer expression are in harmony- it is a priceless gift.

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