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International Soul Art Day Gallery

Roxi Sim-Hermsen

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Roxi Sim-Hermsen's Soul Art

What Inspired you to do a Soul Art journey?

I saw that my friends Feather Redfox an Katherine Skaggs were part of the project and I am also interested in developing workshops.

How would you describe your creative process?

first I make a mess… really, I love having my stuff all around me and all over the place. Images on the walls and floor, ideas at a glance. I like to prime my canvas first, it gives me time to visualize and some times brush strokes lead to interesting results. I draw a line drawing, then start with a larger brush, working down to fine brushes and then finally a needle fine applicator for the adhesive for the metal leaf.

What insight did you receive from your Soul Art?

It was funny because I had just done a very similar project with a fellow artist Rebecca Shepherd, and we are having a show in July with our Deva Dialogue images, we started by drawing each others shadows on a large canvas, then had at it. I felt I was already in the water and it inspired me to keep going in this direction with my art work.

What is the most important thing you would like to share about your Soul Art experience?

Since my work is about healing, and I am in treatment for Lyme disease (30 years) I consciously drank my TCM herbs at the same time as the opening of the session. I felt I was affirming the connection between art, health and well being. After 30 years of illness, I am getting well and intend to put my new found energy into my art work to help myself on my healing journey and for others through viewing my art..

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