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Alice Rhyslynn

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Alice Rhyslynn's Soul Art

What Inspired you to do a Soul Art journey?

I love when it is Soul Art Journey time. I have done this for several years now and always come away with wonderful insights and sometimes the next step gentle nudgings that are so important.

How would you describe your creative process?

I have lots of creative processes that I have lovingly gathered and tended, but most come down to either immersing myself into the wildland spirit of a place, or animal, or an inner journey to seek the wisdom of my inner navigation, my truth beyond all the shoulds and comparisons, usually personified in an archetype, my Muse, as taught by Shiloh Sophia McCloud and my mischievious animal guides Fox Magician and Moon Rabbit. Although you never really know who or what will show up on a journey adventure…

What insight did you receive from your Soul Art?

Wow, well the aspect of self love and expanding love outwards was very clear. A longing for a place where I am loved and accepted as my serious and otherworld and whimsical self, a wonderful feeling of love from the earth and the instructions to perhaps get a kitty when I am ready <3

What is the most important thing you would like to share about your Soul Art experience?

I do this every year and make sure I have the time to really get into it. It is fun and insightful and you get to do it with a whole pile of other people and that kind of connection is precious and rare.

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