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harma margrieta

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harma margrieta's Soul Art

What Inspired you to do a Soul Art journey?

I am joining the soul art certification program, I used this day to do class 7 of spirit guides “work”. I enjoyed doing it especially on this day, because we were creating with 1000s of artists around the world at the same time, all in our own energy field held together in one big creative vortex amplifying the creative power. I especially liked because to me this added an extra dimension to the theme of this journey “work” because this is exactly what I want to do for “work”, being creative connected with creative souls an in international setting

How would you describe your creative process?

I started with two hours exploring my intention. The penny fell when I saw an old expression hanging on the wall, two hands entwined: how can my inner drive for renewal and money walk hand in hand (that is my definition of “work”), I had already done an intuitive shopping trip the day before. After a walk I started creating, letting the material guide me. I created a costume and completed the journey with a DIM (do it myself) photoshoot.

What insight did you receive from your Soul Art?

Embodying my origin, in there is my creativity and my distinctiveness (what makes me stand out).

Two forces guide me, – the creative renewal trail: renewal is the fuel – creativity creating currency – exploring is expanding – the structure money trail: Rest, regularity, purity – overview and letting over – easy and enough – do, do, do

together they form the business “studio art-in-motion”.

One of my spirit actions is a sacred container to create in, in time and space. That is set out in time what I want to create (website, workshops, courses I do), set a date when I want to complete certain things and then the smaller pieces track back when I want to complete what. In other words “a divinely guided schedule”

What is the most important thing you would like to share about your Soul Art experience?

this was the first time I had a double role on this day, doing my own journey, it was very important to me do at least a part of my journey on this particular day due to the special energy of it and the google hangouts. I am also this year one of the love ambassadors of international soul art days, so I also had an active role in participating in the soul art facebook group connecting with the art of others. And it worked, I did it! This feels as a step through my barrier building the bridge.

Another amazing moment was hearing Leah Guzman, one of the artist joining in the studio, talking the “welcome” about her yellow outfit “power purpose” she said. Yes, that it is it!! I realized. I bought the day before yellow roses and some other yellow material (intuitively not knowing why hen I received the answer)

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