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International Soul Art Day Gallery

Sarah Cooper

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Sarah Cooper's Soul Art

What Inspired you to do a Soul Art journey?

This year I turned 40… and THIS was my gift to myself.

How would you describe your creative process?

CHAOS… go with the flow. I make no plans I just start painting when the brush hits the canvas. ‘misplaced’ splatter… smear it in. Not in the lines… who cares!

What insight did you receive from your Soul Art?

I started with the Intention: Show me the way to feel health in all aspects of my life. What I saw in the end was SPIRIT… a confidence and connection with nature (world around) WOW. It was amazing… I was expecting to paint but was not laying the expectation to have any profound ‘ah-ha!’ moments because I was also expecting there would be distractions and interruptions. There were not… the Universe cleared the way!

What is the most important thing you would like to share about your Soul Art experience?

Come without those expectations… The Universe will deliver!

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