Dr. Marie Mbouni

The Cosmic Yoni
In her words
I Am the sum of all energies, masculine, feminine and child.
I am the void of creation
I am the connector
I am pure consciousness.

My creative process happens in sacred space, it involves becoming a channel for the Divine to flow through me , to be expressed and shared with the world, for a global Love Revolution.

Getting to know Dr. Marie Mbouni…

How do you deal with blocks and challenges in your creative process?

By remembering that it is not about me.
I am here to serve a higher purpose, to push humanity forward into Love consciousness.
I get out of the way and allow Source Energy to flow.
I allow the messages for humanity to come forth from the void and become manifest.

How has art been your medicine?

Art is a bringer of joy, bliss, and hope for me.
When I do art, I am in the highest form of self-awareness and self-transcendence.
I get to play with the universe
I get to say what I want to say
I get to be how I want to be
Total freedom.
I love it.

What role does an artist play in our society?

The World Economic Forum just came up with the most important 4 qualities “Humans” will need in 2032, and one of the qualities is Creativity.
We cannot be true leaders without art.
With creativity, we get to get rid of boxes we have put ourselves and our society in, Art can help us release limitations and reach for the “impossible” and dream a New Earth into reality.

Picture of Dr. Marie Mbouni

About Dr. Marie Mbouni

Dr Marie Mbouni BIO

American Medical Doctor, African Woman, Entheogen Shaman
Marie is an MD Anesthesiologist and a mystic, shamanic and energy healer, spiritual guide, author, facilitator of sacred ceremonies and retreats, Creativity Coach and world traveler.

She helps burnout high-achievers who have found themselves disconnected, overwhelmed and alone at the top, and have lost their passion and drive to find their true/higher purpose.
She guides them to become the Love Leadership by mastering their energy, intuition, creativity, and heart.
Marie is the Founder of Manifesting a New Matrix, Conscious Creativity Method, and has worked one on one with some of the top thought leaders of our time.
She guides those called to serve at all stages of their development.

Marie is the author of Reclaim Your Gifts and co-author of The New Feminine Evolutionary.