Laura Hames Franklin

My creation is a channel of vibration, of feeling, life, geometry and movement. Eveything in the Universe is connected and webbed into this magical web of joy, light, love and creation. My passion is to go deeper into my embodiment of that, with insights, dance and living my brightest life possible in all moments and then transmitting that vibration with digital media. When I see this image it reminds me of the depth and inherent wisdom within nature and life itself. It reminds me that it’s all a dance and my role is to fully show up to embrace that. And to LAHF – to laugh at the cosmic joke and not take anything too seriously!

Getting to know Laura Hames Franklin…

What inspires you?

Dance inspires me daily. My lungs catalyze inspiration. Words, sounds, connection, magical connections light my soul on fire. Travel opens my heart and mind. Learning the science and physics of creation… both in the Universe and in the body. My husband (and his profound method: the Franklin Method & his accompanying books). Challenges, games and situations that call for a new way of being, seeing or doing things inspire me. And love. Love is my biggest inspiration every single second as it calls me to let go of duality and find peace, harmony and insight within the comedy show of life!

How has art been your medicine?

Art. Heart. The breath of life. It’s everything. Everything is just an image and we are playing with, interacting with and creating these images in every single moment. We are literally body’s of light…. water + electricity flowing through this web of the connected Universe, and that creation is art and story and life. As we remember that art is life, we can find the place where we unify our souls with our minds and know that our purpose goes beyond the logical and resides in our dream- the electric light codes of our imagination. In art and science itself. We are here to unify and that is the ultimate medicine. The medicine of remembering our art, our interconnection and that we really are holo-fractal geometries- holograms dancing in this infinite sea of light.

What enables art to connect with people?

I believe that we are art. The ultimate true art. We are that expression and our mind, thoughts, intentions, body’s and creations are the place where we all find He-Art. Art needs to know that it is the reflection of this magic itself. It holds the mirror to our souls. Sometimes it’s not recognized as connection because we see our own sense of disconnect. but it’s inherent in the Universe’s creation itself. As the creators of art become aware that we are such, there can be more love, joy, freedom and peace to let creation flow through without control. It can know it’s inherant connectivity and thus people will be able to wake up and feel that more and more. We are one, and the artists are opening the hearts, minds and souls to that truth. It’s the most powerful creation we have and infinite beings playing in this apparently finite Universe.

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About Laura Hames Franklin

Laura Hames Franklin is the creator of the Universal Health Principles System and founder of Superhuman School. Her mission is to support you to realize your greatest potential and optimal health, to create change in your own life and be a catalyst for change in the world. Laura reaches thousands of super humans worldwide and leads dynamic online and in-person training programs that teach individuals to heal their physical and emotional wellbeing, tap into their intuition and experience greater levels of freedom in their body and life. Laura loves to travel the world, and is currently residing in Bali! People say Laura is like the real-life Harry Potter. Want to step beyond the human world too? Join Laura and experience the magic at: