Nomi Correli

This photo reveals how I feel when I’m in my element; intense, awake and filled with the special kind of life-force that my soul consists of.

Dancing helps me get to know myself. It awakens me to my inner life again and again. It reveals my instincts and it shows me how powerful I am.
Dancing challenges me and sometimes brings me to tears. It makes me sweat oh so much.
Dancing makes me grow in unexpected ways. It teaches me how to find a better balance within myself and a deeper union with the outside.

This photo is from a dance competition in New York. The hand I’m holding is the hand of my skilled and handsome partner and teacher. There’s a special alchemy happening when you dance intimately with another human body and being. What we produce together, is more and better than what I can do on my own.

Getting to know Nomi Correli…

How do you deal with blocks and challenges in your creative process?

When faced with a block or challenge: I sit with it. I breathe with it. I move with it. I wonder on it. I support myself!
Knowing that I have all the answers inside of me, and that I can solve it (even if it seems impossible) when I dare to use other intelligences within me or learn new skills.
I welcome the blocks and challenges. I enjoy them even when I find them uncomfortable and uncertain(ing).

Next… I look for the lesson or the key in the challenge. I lovingly search inside of myself until I have the answer and can create the breakthrough. Sometimes this takes minutes, other times days.
If I have a trusted friend nearby it can sometimes help to share my feelings with her/him. In doing so I create movement in my emotions and get another opportunity to really listen to myself.

When I feel really really blocked, I’ll ask one of my teachers for advice. By sharing my feelings with them, they are able to point me in a direction that leads to my breakthrough. Yet it’s still up to me to do the work and create the change so that the flow can be restored.

Furthermore, I’ve made a daily practice out of challenging and stretching myself, as that unlocks more of my inner resources and talents. It also keeps me connected, happy and at my best!
I often go into situations where I don’t know how to do xyz or where I don’t really understand the subject. Then I do my best to enjoy being Bambi on the Ice learning new skills. I’m not the best and I don’t really know what’s going on, but I’m evolving and feeling very alive. I breathe and support myself through every experience.

How has art been your medicine?

I’ll go as far as to say that my art has saved me!

During a six year period of my life I weren’t honoring my creativity nor doing my art, and my life went into flames. I experienced health issues, tremendous arguments, heart-breaking breakups, financial struggles and a lot of fear and insecurity.
When not immersed in my creativity, I used my creative energy to create all kinds of tumult and invalidating blockages for myself.

The nudged from my creativity kept hammering inside. It never stop. I sometimes pretended not to feel it, but it was there all along.

Finally after six years did I surrender to the nudge and decided to show up in the dance studio again.
That became my turnaround and slowly… day by day did I get my life (inner life as well as outer life) back in flow and order.

As I’m writing this, I can’t remember when my life has ever been this great. I’m passionate, healthy, loved and cared for, financially secure and filled with body physical and creative juice to go exciting places with my art.
I’m in a beautiful place of growing and unfolding, and my base is solid which functions as a happy springboard for what I want to create and experience.

So honoring my creativity and doing my art has in many ways given me life!

What role does an artist play in our society?

Honest art reveals the inner life of the artist.
That revelation often awakens deep feelings within the audience.
Art has the power to awaken important dreams and urges that have been laying dormant for years.
Dreams and urges, that if acted upon, can create better lives or better circumstances for the living beings it touches.

When we are exposed to art that’s made with heart and nerve, we can’t help but feel something. If we experience resonance with the art piece or the artist, it can feel like tapping into a strong stream of life force.

Artists are healers, inspirators, challengers. We give life to our audiences, not only by creating stunning art but by being awake ourselves. Seeing someone passionately emerged in the art, can be a life-altering experience.
I know because I’ve had that life-giving experience myself, and because I now often hear exactly that from the people who watch me practice.
Artists open space for new possibilities – for changes within ourselves and our society.

Whether artist or not, I believe that all humans have a creative calling to answer. We feel the best and most alive, when we are answering that call! Listen to the nudge in your belly and heart no matter how small.

Picture of Nomi Correli

About Nomi Correli

As a Latin-American Dancer and Body-therapist I’m extremely passionate about movement!
Dancing touches something so deep inside me that it doesn’t even feel like I have a choice but to dance. I love the process of coming into union with my body, the music, my emotions and my partner.
I have a deep admiration and respect for the physical and instinctual. The body is so wise – and the more I honor my body, the better a life I live.

I’m Danish yet I live, love and dance in New York. I spend my days dancing, working out, listening to music, mentoring my clients and having fun with my husband and friends.