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Going through the pictures of my creative journeys, I discovered that the most powerful ones are the ones where I am part of the art. So I brought them together in a collage. Each picture expresses a journey through several layers of pain and black alchemized into renewal and expansion. Each picture carries a unique energetic imprint of a physical experience. The collage overall reflects the energy of three years transformational journeying moving through the levels of the certification. Conducting stardust, the insight of my first journey has shifted into my current intention “I am a rising star rooted in my origin”. This collage tells me: each step I take into the direction of what I truly love, like and want, is a step deeper rooting into my origin and a step brighter rising into my light. Every step of the journey holds communication. Even when I think I do it wrong, I am doing it right. Even when I knock on the wrong door, the right one will open. Life guides itself in magical ways.

Getting to know harma margrieta…

How do you deal with blocks and challenges in your creative process?

I experience my blocks and challenges best on a physical level. I easily sense the energies in and around my body. Sitting in silence for a moment I ask myself “how does this feel”. Often a movement appears followed by some words expressing the feeling. To connect with these feelings, to understand them and to see what they have to tell, I express them in a quite literal way. When it feels cramped I create something tight for myself to sit, stand or lie in. When I sense a wall, I create one to hide behind. When I feel being muzzled I tape off my mouth. Expressing the feelings this way enables me to experience them. Being in the expressing for a while I feel a shift appearing and I know it is enough. Sometimes the insights and guidance appear instantly. Other moments, a renewing view or magical change happens in the days after.

What is the biggest transformation you’ve personally experienced through your creative journey?

My turning point is the rainbow bridge, a class in the shamanic level of the Soul Art certification. The rainbow bridge connects realities: the invisible with the visible, the intangible with the tangible. Starting the journey at this side of the equation, the earth reality, the bridge is travelled ascending. This is how I have been approaching life for years, trying to fit in, finding my guidance on what to do. It doesn’t work for me. It creates pain and frustration, makes me feel stupid and I wonder what I am doing wrong. During the rainbow bridge class, I learned that besides ascending the bridge can also be travelled DESCENDING, starting at the other end of the equation, in the invisible intangible land of the unknown. I easily dissociate. So to find my home base I travel up into other dimensions, pick up my guidance there and land back into my body. Then I feel presence arising and a connection opening up.

What enables art to connect with people?

Art holds a language that goes beyond the world of words. The symbolism, colour and poetry of art allows people to look beyond the barrier into the unknown of what could be possible. It enables people to look with renewing eyes to their life and helps them to find solutions, guidance and new opportunities.

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About harma margrieta

I am a Shamanic Renewer. Like a migratory bird, I travel between realities using art and symbols as my interpretative language. A great deal of my life, twisting myself around society structures, I felt lost and alienated. Going through the levels of the Soul Art certification I discovered that I find my starting point at the other end of the rainbow bridge, in the invisible and the unknown. Art and creativity channel the guidance down, so answers and clarity appear. It creates a connection between where I am now and where I want to go. It helps me to build a life structure rooted in my essence and originality.

I am an international spirit. I have lived in Italy and Jordan. Currently, I reside in the Netherlands, building up my Renewing-Eyes business. I am a certified Soul Art guide and hold a certificate in the Dutch body-mind awareness technique haptonomy.