Anita Josephine Wales

This Soul Art Journey was a very empowering experience I had in 2016 and I still draw energy from the Soul Art


I am aligning and empowering my Sacral Chakra to let my soul’s desire flow freely into authentic expression through my wild success as Photographer and Soul Art Guide.

• The INSIGHT I am receiving from my Sacral Chakra Soul Art about my intention is:

I must use my eyes, I am free and I have the power to move forward

Also my Sacral Chakra needs more physical movement dance and exercise to better support me.

The most important insight I am receiving from my Sacral Chakra Soul Art is:
Be strong, focused, wild and move with grace.

• What I feel will support the integration and embodiment of my Sacral Chakra insights are:
I must stay focused and in alignment with my heart.

The simple action, practice or ritual I can employ to support my Sacral Chakra is to hold my amethyst with me.

MY SPIRIT ACTION for my Sacral Chakra is: I will focus on the business aspect of my work and I will dance more (at least once a week) to awaken my inner knowing.

Getting to know Anita Josephine Wales…

What enables your creativity to thrive?

I also work with photography and my Soul Art Journeys certainly enable my creativity to thrive as does my love of connecting with nature. It is a dance of inspiration between going solo and connecting or joining in co-creation.

What is the biggest transformation you’ve personally experienced through your creative journey?

My biggest transformation for me personally has been unleashing my own expression and stepping into leadership by way of running workshops in both Copenhagen and now London.

What enables art to connect with people?

Art connects people by opening up their imagination and intuition. It allows you to see things differently and question what is going on…

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About Anita Josephine Wales

A creative soul at heart and with a commercial career straddling advertising, project management, fund-raising, film-production and still photography – Danish/British Anita has a wide perspective and a pragmatic outlook. Her training as a Soul Art Guide and over ten years exploring conscious evolution in international circles brings a wealth of expertise to your journey. Her eternal curiosity and playfulness is both infectious and inspirational and her work today is driven by the knowing that we are in this world to share our unique gifts and talents. And it is so that we are in flow when we connect and engage with our projects as we are meant to. That is the driver that makes our lives vibrant and the world is a better place. Working with Anita is joyful, surprising and life-changing.