This Soul Art piece is a tribute to my inner masculine and a healing journey for my uterus. I traced the part where I felt my masculine making “noise” in my body – which was the right arm and hip. And I traced my uterus. I felt these parts were connected. Through the painting I received many insights about my inner masculine and how I sometimes stop my life energy in my uterus area. I also did daily yoni steaming and meditations and sounding to relax and open my body. I began to use my primordial language, which I kept secret for 7 years, with the body mapping and suddenly all the signs came – showing me energylines in the body and vizualising the primordial language. The Ankh means key of life – which I see is my body, but also the healing proces. When I shared this piece together with the Primordial Language that came with it I learned how this language is healing and people resonate with it, that I have to make it a part of my healing practise. This Soul Art Piece has been a key of significant turn of events in my life. Thank you.

Getting to know Lalitah…

What inspires you?

I get inspired by nature, sounds, art, animals, vision from other realms. It touches something deep within that makes me connect with source and feeling it also exist in the 3 dimensional world. I also get inspired from heart connections with people, from travelling, exploring, and the last years I have experienced I get color visions when I lie in the arms of my beloved, that is very inspiring too.

How have you used art and creativity as a healing tool in your life?

I have often used painting as meditation. I just didn´t know it until I found Soul Art. With that I feel art and creativity is a nessecity to support me on my way home to myself. It is also a way for me to connect into realms beyond the mind and connect to my inspiration. I use dance, sounding, painting and rituals. The rituals supports the grounding of my insight and visions. The dance open for life energy and joy. Sounding moves the energy and gives space to express unspoken emotions. Painting gives me a language beyond words. I wish to incorporate music as well. I think Art and creativity is not only a healing tool – it is a way of living.

What role does an artist play in our society?

For me art is a way of giving form to unseen things and beauty. A lot of art is created form inspiration and the right brain – when it comes from there I believe it can touch people and remind us of who we are. It talks in ways that the spoken language can not, it can tap into other realms through sound, colors and rituals. Art allows us to go out of the box which I believe is very much needed in a society that is in boxes.

Picture of Lalitah

About Lalitah

Lalitah is a natural Transformational Healer and Life Artist, specialized in rising your vibration and heartopenings. She helps you come home to yourself, find and trust your soul voice and live the life you came here for. She is trained in several healing modalities, tantra, osho therapy, intutitive painting and Soul Art. She is a lover, traveller and soon to be author and she creates her opportunities in life together with the universe and she is here to help you do the same. She beliefs when we open our hearts and live our soul purpose we are able to manifest peace on earth and have a striving future.
Healing came naturally to her and together with art and creativity has been the path of bringing her back home to herself wherever she is in the world.