Gundula Högner

A Bodymap created during a 4 day Nature~Ocean~Tent Experience in Mallorca/Spain. Through Bodymapping we have access to our Realms of Wonders, Mystics and Miracles. Symbolism to me is a powerful way to connect to y/our messenger within, we receive guidance, support and insights about our Selves. We actively create and start aligning with a piece of magic. So precious treasures are awaiting us in our bodies to be re-discovered, nurtured and to be savoured, honoured and celebrated. In a well meaning and supportive environment we become more open to receive, believe more in our Selves, our Mission and Path to a more peaceful Life guided by Love.

Getting to know Gundula Högner…

What inspires you?

Mother Moon
Father Sky
Mother Earth
Divine Feminine
Good Quality Food
Art and Creativity

How have you used art and creativity as a healing tool in your life?

Using intentional Art as a Healing Tool is a mystical, powerful and gradual Process on an experiential Level. Using The Soul Art Process as a way to center my Self and listen to the Guidance and Inner Wisdom of our Being is a wonderful Way to discover who we truly are on the inside. I have used the Process of Bodymapping so far and am starting to use Energy Mapping to become the co-creator, re-memberer and re-discoverer of my own Life Experience to the Best of my Abilities in this given Moment.

What role does an artist play in our society?

Not that I consider my Self an Artist (yet;)). Just when I think about Artists I admire and feel inspired by, their Creativity and Expression hopefully allows many others to re-connect to their own creative Self to come to the Surface and begin shining a Light on any Aspect that wants to be addressed in them and the collective Self as a Whole. My Wish, Dream and Desire is that Artists as well as People of any other Profession consider in their Expression also the Needs of those who struggle to make a Living and have Shelter, Food and Clothes. Also I wish that we consider and rise Awareness for Mother Earth, our Home and nurturing Center of this earthly Experience ~ to be cared for and nurtured back through any chosen Profession and Artistry.

Picture of Gundula Högner

About Gundula Högner

• Degree in Media Design and working in this field for almost two decades
• Moving from Germany to Spain
• Getting certified in the Spanish language
• Getting certified in methods as Silva Mind Control, Psych K (Psychological Kinesiology), Experiential Education, Thai Yoga Massage
• Traveling the world for 2 1/2 years through Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany
• Painting Mandalas and other Arts
• Volunteering
• Has studied Soul Art since 2017