Elisabeth ORFILA

This the painting I created for my first self-guided Soul Art Journey. My intention was “I am powerful and active, I dare walk my Truth”, this is why I bodymapped many legs and arms.
Then I flowed into creativity, playing with colors and letting my intuition guide me. It took me several months to finish the painting and it has been a very deep inner journey.
My main insights have been : My body is a vessel in which my Divine Soul is now taking place. I am powerful beyond measure when I am aligned and connected to my True Self and listen to my inner guidance. I am open in all directions to let my love and light radiate in all directions.
My spirit action was to meditate in front of the painting to receive the power and inner guidance of my Soul.

Getting to know Elisabeth ORFILA…

How do you deal with blocks and challenges in your creative process?

According to me, blocks and challenges are entirely part of the creative process because they reveal hidden suffering parts of ourselves that need to be healed. I listen to them, express them with my body, in a drawing, or in a ritual and I respect the resistances I can have. For example if I don’t have any inspiration, I surrender and go do something else, respecting the void. I’ve realized how some creations need time, like in a birthing process. It teaches me patience and to follow the path of least resistance as much as I can. I listen to Life’s inspiration in my everyday life and respect the time needed.
Most of all I aknowledge and welcome the blocks as messengers.

What is the biggest transformation you’ve personally experienced through your creative journey?

Creating with Soul Art has allowed me, in a very joyful and playfull way, to reconnect with my inner guidance and gain in self-confidence and independance. I now have a very pleasant way to get over any kind of challenge and that’s very self-empowering.

What role does an artist play in our society?

Artists are messengers beyond words. They can touch people’s hearts through their creations, open to new ways of seeing, thinking, they are often precursors. They allow humanity to evolve in a peaceful way, even sometimes through very hard messages that will touch people deeply and invite them to question themselves.
Art allows an essential freedom of expression.

Picture of Elisabeth ORFILA

About Elisabeth ORFILA

With an initial Psychologist diploma, I’ve specialized in the healing of the inner child’s traumas. Having practiced art therapy for the last 10 years for myself, I’ve decided to register for the Soul Art Certification 2 years ago and after the bodymapping level, I’m actually doing the energy mapping.