Juliette Whelpton

My Soul Art is an expression of my inner world, the essence of my being, and how it connects and synergise with the world and the Devine. I love to work in nature, using environmental art, movement, dancing, walking-amongs-horses, writing, poetry and painting as ways of expression. Soul Art is not only about the end product but mostly about the process and the insights you receive throughout the creative process. I use Soul Art to guide workshops on a structured, yet relaxed, fun, creative and flowing way to help people not only to heal from past wounds, but also to manifest intentions by setting clear action plans after receiving insights through their own Soul Art pieces.

Getting to know Juliette Whelpton…

What inspires you?

Nature, animals, horses, traveling, books, poetry, music, dancing, children, society, love, life in all its ups and downs, darkness and light, philosophy, silence, diversity.

How have you used art and creativity as a healing tool in your life?

When guiding clients through the soul art process, there is a flow of energy and dynamics between me as the guide and the clients/client. In contrast with other forms of therapy or counseling there is no barriers like an office table, but there is an openness between all the participants, although each person experience the creative process on his/her unique way. One session that stood out for me as an example of using art as a healing tool was with a beautiful young women who was going through mayor life changes. From the start of your soul art workshop I could see how deeply she was moved – during the initial conversation and the setting of the intention she cried and explained that she was experiencing the feeling of worthlessness, as though she lost herself somewhere. She is about to study at an university abroad, leaving the country and is in a serious relationship with a young man who has an overprotected mother and who causes much distress in their relationship.

We used a Soul Art method called ‘followed the trail’ and made use of canvas painting. It was fantastic to witness the change in the woman as she started to flow into the energy. Her entire body and expression were softening and relaxing. We played beautiful baroque classical and fantasy music in the background used all kinds of equipment and experimented with spray paint, glue, acrylic, glitter, ink, paper ext.
On more than one occasion she said “now I ruined it!”, but then she would just go on, transforming the “mistake” into an opportunity of a delightful surprise and at the end, when she felt completed it looked like a masterpiece that se called “the return of the blue swallows”.

Her insight was that there is no real mistakes in life and that in what might seem like chaos at first, there is indeed order. Also that one needs to be patient and that you will always return to your true self and core essence.

She decided that for her action plan she needed some space in her life and some “me” time for reflection, journaling and to get clarity and a sense of order in what seems chaotic in her life now. She will be taking a weekend break away on her own.

What was incredible for me was to once again witness that moment when “the light went on”, when the ‘unseen’ surfaced and when the women received insight into her own soul.
I am really looking forward to hold base with this beautiful woman and to follow up on her journey and her experience after her weekend breakaway.
With every client I guide I can see a reflection of my own essence – The universal energy and life source connecting us all. We are one.

What enables art to connect with people?

Art in all its different forms removes the boundaries of time, language, race, gender, age and space. It is a way of connecting to the collective consciousness and to express without the limitation of words.

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About Juliette Whelpton

I have been part of the International Soul Art Group for four years and will be completing the final level – Shaman – this year. My passion is to not only heal but to aspire people to be the best they can be by being authentic and creative. I am a qualified psychologist and my research for my doctorate focused on benefits of nature, horses and environmental art on healing humans.