Sheryl Benjy

I realized my love for body painting in 2016. I asked two of my yoga teachers to be my models. The transformation that occurred with all of us was truly life changing. I found my mission and it was to bring out my muse’s true essence, their authentic self. We are so used to hiding who we truly are because of what society tells us we should be. We have so many colors that deserve to be seen, right?

I call it Body Soul Art because I want to bring out his/her soul with paint. Before a session, I have my model answer a few questions like “what is your soul’s one desire?” “what is your symbol?” “what is your favorite color?” “what is your intention for your Body Soul Art session?”. This allows me to get an idea of what they want and who they are. I then meditate on their answers and a flow of images comes to me. When I start to paint them I get into their energy field and feel their essence. I just allow the creative life energy to flow through me and take over. After the session they are always beaming and describe it as one of the best experiences they had and worth every penny.

Getting to know Sheryl Benjy…

What inspires you?

Nature inspires me. I am always looking at nature to get ideas for colors and textures. I use a lot of flowers, leaves and butterflies in my body painting sessions.

How has art been your medicine?

I struggled a lot with depression throughout my life. Painting was a way for me to release all the emotions that were pent up inside of me. I am a very happy person today, the happiest I have ever been. I owe a lot of it to art.

What role does an artist play in our society?

Artists brings light into a world that is becoming quite dark. Artists are so important in our society and unfortunately they are not taken as seriously as other professions. They bring awareness, insight, a different perspective and activism through their art.

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About Sheryl Benjy

Sheryl Benjy is an artist who lives in Beverly Hills, California. Sheryl’s art has a very whimsical quality to it with hidden messages about the universe, unconditional love, positive symbols and affirmations. She believes we are all here to accomplish our soul’s destiny and that we must bring as much light into the world as possible with our gifts and talents.

Sheryl has been painting, exhibiting and selling her work privately from Beverly Hills since 2013. Recent exhibits include: The Chocolate and Art Show, Art Landing and Beyond the Lines Art Show. Sheryl has also been published in Voyage LA Magazine featuring her body paintings or Body Soul Art. She has also written and illustrated a children’s book titled “Spirit’s Magical Journey”.