Janine Landtwing

My Soul Art holds space for a safe and clear container for alchemy. A healing journey through all layers of being to the heights and depths of experience, to the interconnectedness of all realms and worlds. It is a generator of union, of embodiment of true nature and of empowerment of uniqueness. Ultimately revealing the very core of truth.
For me Soul Art is a sacred vessel that allows myself to be just me and to express and share my very being. Supporting me in rising into my highest potentials and into my most powerful glory and helping me to bring my gifts to the world, showing up and speaking my truth so that love can be seen beyond fear. It’s like a best friend, taking me by the hand and through every pain and all sufferings, finally walking me home.

Getting to know Janine Landtwing…

What enables your creativity to thrive?

I feel my creativity thriving, when I am holding space for myself, without rejecting any emotions wanting to be seen. Self-care, and treating myself with respect and admiration, following my inner voice and speaking my truth are supporting the alignment with my true being and connecting myself with my inner source and flow of creation.

How has art been your medicine?

Through art I managed not only to be with and express my emotions, but also holding space for them lovingly while finding the courage and the strength and clarity to not get stuck in patterns. It helped me to reactivate the flow and trust in the process of going through the layers of pain and suffering to finally not only see the bigger picture but embodying its medicine through the creative process.

What role does an artist play in our society?

An artist is shifting perspectives. Seeing life’s expressions differently and expressing them in a new, often more tangible way, making the invisible visible, empowering what seemed to be negative. An artist reminds society that there are different, new ways of living, of loving and of opening up for alchemic inspirational renewal, never thought to be possible. Reminding society of the inexhaustable inherent creational power of every single one.

Picture of Janine Landtwing

About Janine Landtwing

After my studies in Psychology and my PHD and many additional educations, I finally found back to my creativity, that saved me from losing myself completely. I started to engage with the offerings of shamanic ways of seeing, with animal communication and with re-engaging into the creative process of painting, I had forgotten about for many years. The creative expression and the connection to the elements of nature started to bring me back more and more again to myself, to my inner core and my essence. In that state of being, a couple of years ago, I finally discovered Soul Art, that brought me on an epic journey of healing.