Melissa’s Soul Art


Melissa D’Antoni is the visionary artist behind Fire Tree Studios, after leaving a successful-by-other people’s standards, high-tech marketing career, she went back to her passion and creative roots teaching creativity and full self expression via intuitive painting for the last 20 years and now mentors creative visionary women to build prosperous authentic businesses from the inside out with passion and practicality using her unique Creative Alchemy Process. In addition, Melissa has a passion for training facilitators using the Fire Tree Method ™ an integrated right-left brain approach to wholeness and well-being.

About Melissa’s Soul Art

Facing our fears around money and scarcity takes courage. I love painting monsters as a way to clear trauma and limiting beliefs –it is way more fun to release the burdens that bind us! This was my latest money monster that came thru while facilaiting The Abundant Creative Course. We all traveled into those feelings together and expressed the monsters via painting and onto the paper, creating a sense of lightness, humor and freedom. Discovering when we love, express and accept these darker parts of our fear they naturally dissipate.

What does Soul Art mean to Melissa?

Art is the language of the soul and we communicate via image, color and symbol and texture. So when we are creating intuitive art in this way we are experiencing a divine communication with our soul. It is beyond communion it is communication. A dialogue with our higher selves. A relationship.