Phoenix Na Gig’s Soul Art

Phoenix Na Gig

Living in the wilds of Dartmoor, England, Phoenix Na Gig is The Womb Whisperer. Offering women the chance to experience a drop into the oceanic mystery of womb magic and medicine. With a deep connection to womb, earth intelligence, elementals and ancestors, Phoenix holds one-to-one Womb Whispering Ceremonies – transmissions of a woman’s deepest sacred womb wisdom guidance and remembrance of their erotic, juicy, interconnectedness with all of life. Phoenix Na Gig is journeying towards her Doctoral Research thesis in the Anthropology of Menstruation as Sacred, Ritual and Divine Experience for Women is nourished by the hundreds of women she connects with worldwide through the belly of Mother Earth bringing through a sacred vision of earth, women and our humanity.

About Phoenix Na Gig’s Soul Art

My journey to open to the primal, elemental, soft and wise essence of the Earth’s voice heals my every wound of loss and disconnection. Through moulding the clay I remember something that my mind can not and the gifts of my soul move through the clay. When we listen to the voice of the Sacred Feminine, we regenerate and rewild our innate and deepest nature as embodied, sacred women.

What does Soul Art mean to Phoenix Na Gig?

The essence and power of healing myself and my world through earth based creative expression is for me the essence of the Soul Art journey. Wild, untamed, simplicity to reveal and heal the deepest gifts.